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Police Encourage Residents to Work Together to Prevent Burglaries

Tips about how to protect your home (and your neighbor's home) from a potential burglary

From Newark Police

Home burglaries continue to be a problem for us and neighboring cities. One current trend is burglars are coming into different neighborhoods, knocking on doors to determine if anyone is inside. If no one answers, they then proceed to the sides and rear of homes and gaining entry by kicking in doors. 

Here is what you can do as residents: 

1. Get to know your neighbors. 
2. Form Neighborhood Watch groups. 
3. Invest in a home alarm / CCTV. 
4. Secure your side gates making it difficult for burglars to access your yard. 
5. Install sensor lighting around the perimeter of your home. 
6. Reinforce door locks (deadbolts). 
7. If you see something out of the ordinary. Call the police! 

There is a lot of good resource on the internet to help you better secure your home so please take a few minutes to research. 

We must WORK TOGETHER as a community to get a handle on this so please do your part. Share this with your family members, neighbors and friends. All Neighborhood Watch groups are created in coordination with the Newark Police Department.

If you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch in your area please contact: 

Tim Jones 
Special Assistant 
Community Engagement Division 
Newark Police Dept. 
(510) 578-4209 

It’s time to stand up to crime. Together we can make a difference!

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