Five People You Should Know at Your Child’s School

A guide for parents, guardians and caregivers.

As a parent, you pack lunch and make sure your child gets on the bus and is ready for the school day. But do you do your homework and get to know all the important people at school?

With a new school year right around the corner, it's time to start figuring out who should be on your "must know" list.

1. Your Child's Teacher

Get to know your child's teacher well enough to ask questions about schoolwork and to give him or her information that will help your child learn.

2. School Counselor

The counselor can help your child deal with changes and challenges at home and at school. Counselors can be a great resource for college-bound students, too. A good school counselor can help explain dates and deadlines and review the application process with your high schooler. 

3. Health Office Administrator

Introduce yourself to the school's health care professional. They provide much more than bandages and ice packs. They are providing a safe haven for kids who need to rest or lie down, dealing with safety issues, and providing an endless list of services to our students on a daily basis.

4. Parent Association

Ask your school if there’s a committee of which you should be aware. Or better yet, sign up to volunteer and get involved! Your school most likely has a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or a Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). These groups are a well-established avenue for parent involvement.

5. School Principal

Find out if your school principal is holding any meetings, orientations, events or open houses to get to know parents. Many of our local schools host an informal "coffee" or "meet and greet" to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the school.

Important Contact Information

, 6071 Smith St.: Principal, Michele Brynjulson, 510-818-3100

, 36270 Cherry St.: Principal, Terrance Dunn, 510-818-3300

, 35430 Blackburn Dr.: Principal, Kathleen Waffle, 510-818-3400

, 36111 Bettencourt St.: Principal, Pamela Hughes, 510-818-3500

, 37490 Birch St.: Principal LaKimbre Brown, 510-818-3600

, 5735 Musick Ave.: Principal Debbie Ashmore, 510-818-4000

, 36901 Spruce St.: Principal Nicole Paredes, 510-818-3800

, 6580 Mirabeau Dr.: Principal Robin Sehrt, 510-818-3900

, 6201 Lafayette Ave.: Principal Mark E. Neal, 510-818-3050

, 39375 Cedar Blvd: Principal Edward Marquez, 510-818-4350

, 35753 Cedar Blvd.: Principal Thomas Orput, 510-818-3700

, 5715 Musick Ave.: Superintendent Dr. Dave Marken, 510-818-4103


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