Vice Mayor Vies For Alameda County Supervisor Seat

Newark Vice Mayor Ana Apodaca is one of eight candidates who have applied to fill the District 2 seat left vacant after Nadia Lockyer's resignation.

Newark Vice Mayor Ana Apodaca is one of eight candidates contending to fill a vacant seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors as a result of former supervisor that came after months of scandals, media reports say.

The Oakland Tribune reported that Lockyer’s predecessor Gail Steele is also among those applicants. The other hopefuls include Union City Mayor Mark Green and former Union City Councilman Richard Valle.

Both candidates from Union City are in races for other political roles. Green is currently , while Valle has been campaigning to be Union City’s next mayor.

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors will be reviewing the candidates’ applications in the following weeks. According to the Tribune, the supervisors plan to appoint someone by June 5.

Whoever is appointed will represent Alameda County District 2, which includes Newark, Union City, Hayward and portions of Fremont and the unincorporated community of Sunol.

That person will only serve as District 2 supervisor until the Nov. 6 General Election, when voters will be asked to select a candidate to serve out the existing term through 2014.

Only Steele noted in her application that she will not be seeking election in November, the Tribune reported.

Visit The Oakland Tribune for the full report.

- Bay City News contributed to this report.

Frank Mockery May 18, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Ana Apodaca violated her oath of office to uphold state law when she voted to support Newark's controversial attack on cannabis patients & the banning of cannabis dispensaries. Recent polling shows overwhelming support for patients & dispensaries by California voters & that support grows on a daily basis. Furthermore 55% of Alameda County voters cast ballots for complete legalization in 2010. Ana's imposition of her own bias in this matter in the face of obvious public opposition to her ill-conceived & callous stance is an outrageous abuse of her elected office. She calls herself a Democrat,but while Assemblyman Wieckowski & Congressman Stark fight for the rights of cannabis patients she has chosen to obstruct existing state law. Here's an opportunity to remind other Democrats that this issue has become a litmus test for those candidates seeking our support,if you're not with us you're against us. If elected to the Board of Supervisors Ana would have the chance to infringe on the rights of even more of her constituents regarding this matter. Instead of having the unmittigated gall to seek higher office she should apologize to the citizens of Newark for her egregious & unwarranted actions turning a health issue into a controversy of her own making. Don't vote for Ana Apodaca,our encouragement is the last thing she needs. Perhaps she should consider changing her party affiliation. When the voters see,how wrong you've been,you won't have to worry,about getting elected again !
Nadja Adolf May 18, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Ana has a track record of missing the meetings of various inter-agency committees that she serves on. I think that she needs to demonstrate an ability to take care of business here in Newark before going to the county level. I am very concerned about her priorities as she was staunchly opposed to the reinstatement of school crossing guards after the utility tax passed. It seems that she, and the rest of council, felt $100K for crossing guards was money the city doesn't have, yet they have spent that much on development consultants without the slightest hesitation. I am not sure why our money is going to promote ways to do give-aways to big box retail instead of taking care of the needs of Newark residents - parks, crossing guards, etc.
PBAC Administrator May 18, 2012 at 07:35 PM
Ms. Apodaca needs to demonstrate that she has leadership abilities before she moves to higher office. She does ask meaningful questions at Newark city council meetings, but at the end of the day she simply goes along with the majority. On that note, I have not seen any dissent, abstaining votes or any 'no' votes during any Newark city council meeting since the new council was formed in January. She may be of the mind that she's now on a sinking ship and wants to bail. Rather than oppose leaders in Newark, she may be looking for like-minded people to get along with at the county level. I'm casting a 'no' vote for Ms. Apodaca until she shows some true leadership. We need leaders not politicians.
Lara Penn May 18, 2012 at 08:03 PM
The comment above actually sounds more fitting of Council Member Collazo, who openly admited during a council meeting that she had no idea what she was getting into and did not realize the magnitude of work or knowledge an elected position actually required. Newark needs new blood instead of the same members that refuse to try and make it better place to live. These are the same council members that continue to appoint their own likeminded friends to positions that should go to people who actually care about making a difference. Without diversity there can be no progress. Can you honestly say that over the past 10 years Newark has become a better city? Newark residents need to get invloved and get out to the voting booths if they truely want to make a difference and make this city better.
Nadja Adolf May 18, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Look, we've had alternative candidates and the voters still elect those connected to the current crew. The reality is that most Newark residents like things the way they are. BTW - I don't think that there has been a dissenting vote on the council in over a decade.


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