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Six-Month Closure of Silliman Aquatic Center Starts After Labor Day

The family aquatic center will be closed for repairs during the last half of this year.

From the City of Newark's Summer 2012 Newsletter:

The will be closed for repairs starting just after Labor Day weekend, 2012.

It is anticipated that it will remain closed for approximately six months, reopening to the public mid-March, 2013.

The closure is necessary in order to repair the peeling paint at the ceiling structure. Because of the size of the Natatorium (swimming pool) and the height of the ceiling (up to 50 feet above the pool deck) the entire Natatorium interior will be filled with scaffolding.

All the paint on the ceiling beams, ceiling surface, and heating and ventilating ducts will be carefully removed, mostly by sand blasting, cleaned, and then repainted with special epoxy paints.

The fitness center and gym will remain open.

During the closure, we've secured space at Calphin Swim Center (34075 Fremont Blvd. in Fremont) for the following aquatic programs:

  • Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise
  • Aqua Motion

For questions about the closure or any of our programs, contact the front desk at 510-578-4620.

Editor's note: This report was slightly edited. Also in previous articles, city officials noted that the closure would impact the 2012-13 budget but also stated that the cost of those repairs will be paid for through a settlement the city received.

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Albert Rubio July 21, 2012 at 06:55 AM
Six month closing??? What a disaster. At what cost? What business could remain closed for six months??? I find it hard to believe six months is required.The entire buildings replacing Cattlemen's on Newark blvd hardly took 6 months. Are there public records available as to the ongoing finances of the Silliman Center? Have they been operating at a loss?
Theodore Sternberg August 18, 2012 at 03:40 PM
On the one hand, this six-month closure will take away a popular public service. On the other hand, it represents a big chunk of income to some lucky contractor or contractors. I'd like to know who those contractors are, and what connections they have with any Union City officials and politicians. I've seen that ceiling. Yes, the pain is badly chipped in places. But six months to repaint is absurd. This only happens in a government-run facility -- where the people in charge are spending other people's money, and not being able to operate the facility does not affect anyone's paycheck. If a Target or Walmart had to *replace* (not repaint) their ceiling, I'll bet it would be done in a weekend. This reminds me of the parking lot resurfacing at the Union City BART station. That job took a whole year.
yolanda October 31, 2012 at 05:58 AM
So I just went to the city Web site, out of curiosity, and this ceiling paint project is costing taxpayers $3,200,000. Unbelievable!
Theodore D. Sternberg August 07, 2013 at 09:07 PM
Postscript: the Siliman Center pool finally reopened on Memorial Day. So it took not six, but almost nine months to repaint that ceiling.


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