Should Congressman-Elect Eric Swalwell Support Fiscal Cliff Deal?

He'll be sworn in Jan.3 to represent the 15th Congressional District. It's not clear whether he or Pete Stark will consider the Senate compromise. How should he vote?


Now that the Senate has voted 89-8 for a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff, the deal goes to the House of Representatives where it isn't clear whether the outgoing or incoming Congress will consider the package of tax increases and spending cuts.

Congressman-elect Eric Swalwell will be officially sworn in on Jan. 3 after having defeated 20-term Congressman Pete Stark in November. 

In an earlier story, the 32-year-old Swalwell told Patch that he supported President Barack Obama's solution to the fiscal cliff conundrum. Do he would presumably vote for the compromise.

Do you agree? Should he? Or should he demand more cuts or hold out for higher taxes on the upper income?

And what other advice would you offer as Mr. Swallwell Goes To Washington? 

Tell us in the comments section.

Rob Phillips January 02, 2013 at 04:54 PM
First of all, the compromise bill passed by the Senate does not contain any spending cuts. The compromise kicked that can down the road until March. It was a very stupid play by the House Republican leadership when they refused proposed spending cuts by the President over and over again up until this past week as not big enough. In the end, with their backs against the wall with the Fiscal Cliff deadline, they had absolutely no leverage to obtain any cuts at all. It will be very interesting to see how Mr. Swalwell reacts to the obvious Republican plan to link raising the debt ceiling to spending cuts, and the President's pledge to not entertain any such linkage.


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