Muzo's Hot Dogs Hopes For Quick County Review

Marc Michieli plans to pay $1,500 for a 'discount' review that might let him sell walk-up, take-out food on Castro Valley Boulevard despite a ban in the downtown plan.


Marc Michieli met with Alameda County building officials Friday and moved closer to getting permission to open Muzo's Grill on Castro Valley Boulevard despite a ban on walk-up, take-out food stores in the downtown.

Patch told Michieli's story in an article and video interview -- how he initially thought it was OK to re-open the old Takee Outee site only to discover that walk-up food was no longer allowed and he had to pay $4,000 to seek, an exception.

Michieli said Friday that, after talking with county officials, he would get his plans together and pay the $1,500 that they offered as a discounted review of his plans.

"I still have no guarantee," Michieli said. The review could end up costing more; $1,500 is just a deposit. And authorities could nix his plan after seeing his paperwork.

But he said county officials said they had heard from community members in favor of Muzo's and he was optimistic of getting an eventual okay.

Even so it could be February before his request comes up for review and he would be lucky to get his doors open by Valentine's Day.

"It's really been critical to have the community support," said Michieli, who goes into Christmas with more hope than he enjoyed just a few days ago.

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Ken December 23, 2012 at 08:38 AM
Mr. Swanson, if you're keeping up, Mr. Michiell claims he remediated the problems, here: http://castrovalley.patch.com/articles/local-man-s-christmas-wish-let-me-sell-hot-dogs#photo-12653715 I guess this is the stuff that lawsuits are made of. Have fun. On the other hand, if he has spent the money to make the building safe, why not let him operate? Oh, and Happy Holidays.
Bob Swanson December 23, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Hi Ken, Once it is clear that Mr. Michiell has complied with all necessary regulations he will be allowed to open. This is true for anyone starting a business in the unincorporated area. Have a good Holiday. Bob
Rob Phillips December 24, 2012 at 05:25 PM
Demolish this plywood shack of a building with the wooden wire spindle tables and old lawn chair seating. Do not approve a variance for this non-conforming, unapproved use. It appears this fool invested his money without doing any research. That's a shame, but we, the taxpayers, just invested $9 million+ in a streetscape project that will hopefully attract first class businesses. Do you think any of them will seriously give CV a second look with Muzo's Hotdog Shack allowed in a prime location? If you want to let your heart guide you here instead of using your head, just take up a collection for Mr. Muzo and help reimburse him for his stupid mistake. Don't make us suffer the incredibly poor decision and let him ruin the progress we are making to upgade CV Blvd.
Dina Lada December 24, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Mr. Phillips, are you kidding me and how dare you result in name calling. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why don't you try acting like a professional and a civilized human and stop passing judgement on others. I say go for it Mr. Michieli. so what if the builiding is not up to your standards Mr. Phillips and your new streetscape. Why don't one of these new paint stores offer him some paint to spruce it up. I'm sure all the fast food franchises add more value, I think not. The streetscape has caused more damage than good. It has hurt business the only gain in revenue is because people are getting more traffic tickets because of all the new changes. It's people like you that do more harm than good. You are so quick to be negative and call names but you can't take the time to get his name right. I'm sure I'll get an equally colorful response as the one you gave Mr. Michieli. However, I don't care. I wish people like you would release that people may take your opinion more seriously if you didn't feel it nessessary to put people down to get your point across.
Angel February 05, 2013 at 05:09 PM
You all need to realize that Mr. Michieli did every thing wrong from the first day he never pull a permit to remodel the place he did not pay the personal that did some work he never fix the broken foundation he move the side door to the back he used old material to build the walls and ceiling in the bathroom he used a drunk electrician to wire the building with different wires he has not food safety experience look when he open or sold food on the blvd, party two or more people got sick and on that day he did not had a permit to sale food the county or the Heath dept. did not do anything do you think a person that don't fellow the rules should open he is a fake


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