Drought: East Bay MUD Wants Customers to Continue to Reduce Water Usage

EBMUD officials urge customers to continue to voluntarily cut their water use by 10 percent.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District's board of directors voted Tuesday to ask their customers to continue voluntarily cutting their water use by 10 percent because the dry winter has reduced the amount of water in the agency's reservoirs. The board also approved the purchase of 16,000 acre-feet of water, which is about a month's supply, to help meet the needs of its 1.3 million customers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
Water agency officials said its customers have already heeded their call to cut their water use voluntarily the past two months. The water from the Sacramento River will flow into two East Bay reservoirs: the Upper San Leandro Reservoir in Oakland and the San Pablo Reservoir, which is located between Orinda and El Sobrante.

EBMUD staff members said today that their worst-case water supply forecast is that the agency's reservoirs could be less than half full by this fall.
But board president Andy Katz said in a statement, "A severe drought does not mean severe cutbacks" because of customers' ongoing conservation measures and prudent water management by the agency.
EBMUD officials said if precipitation levels are low again next winter they could increase the amount of voluntary customer cutbacks beyond 10 percent, enact mandatory rationing or buy more Sacramento River water.

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—By Bay City News
Louise B. April 23, 2014 at 08:39 PM
The last time EBMUD asked customers to reduce water usage the customers did such a good job that EBMUD sent a letter to them all that stated that EBMUD would have to raise rates because they didn't make enough money. Watch for a rate increase soon!
D. Mom April 24, 2014 at 11:43 AM
When is the city going to cut back? I see the fountains are still running and the grass has been reseeded. The sprinklers were running the other day when it was raining!
D. Mehrten April 27, 2014 at 02:56 PM
I was told one walnut require 5 gallons of water to grow to maturity. I don't have a definitive source for that, but I don't doubt it. Agriculture uses about 80% of The "managed" water in this state. Yes, agriculture is still at the heart of our economy, but we ought not to let that hold us hostage by prohibiting vigorous debate concerning which crops are appropriate for our state. Rice, anyone?
aagram April 28, 2014 at 02:56 PM
I would like to know if the district plans to keep selling our water to the Coca Cola company for their Dasani brand bottled water?


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