Woman Murdered In Downtown Martinez Saturday - Suspect In Custody

Police are withholding the name of the 47-year-old victim until next of kin are notified.

A 47-year-old Martinez woman was apparently murdered on the steps of the Chamber of Commerce building near the Amtrak Station around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Martinez police say, and a Concord man is in custody. 

According to a release, police received a report of a fight between a man and a woman on the steps of the Chamber office at 603 Marina Vista, which was closed at the time. Witnesses said the man struck the woman and walked away.

Police later found 25-year-old Jason Castillo from Concord walking down Ferry Street, and booked him into county jail on suspicion of murder, where he is being held on $1 million bail.

Police are withholding details on the case pending further investigation.

Stay tuned to Martinez Patch for further details as they emerge.

Cheryll November 29, 2012 at 03:12 PM
PS: Four people have died by being run over cars in a 4 block area of my neighborhood over the years and we can't even get a stop sign or slow down traffic to 25 mph. I dont think you can abolish alcohol because something (albeit TERRIBLE and I met this woman only hours ealier and I was traumatisied for weeks after what happened to her) happened to one person and you want to find fault with an underlying issue. And there were probably an assundry of other underlying issues too, but you can NOT make everything illegal because of this obscure event. Like Linda says. Guns kill people too, take that one on.
Chris J Kapsalis November 29, 2012 at 03:49 PM
OK, take guns on? Yes they are legal, but we do not have gun walks on Main Street do we. I never said make alcohol illegal. And get over it? I have been respectful of your opinions without saying get over it. I am just giving my opinion and you seem to be getting hostile over it. That is what comments are for. Where you got I want to make alcohol illegal is beyond me. So I guess with all those comments you missed my point entirely. I said the city should not endorse alcohol events. So I guess I had to say it again. And that is just my opinion. Legal does not always mean OK in certain instances. Adult porn is one example. Legal. But do we allow one on Main St? Do we have a porn walks? No. If we did people would be up in arms. And I am sure it would generate business and bring people downtown. It is a billion dollar industry, but not a thing I think we should have walks on main about. Same with alcohol. But legal? Rights of adults? Yes. Of course, so you missed my points. As for this tragedy, many of us have been touched by violence, lost friends. I have. I have lost friends, close friends to murder. So spare me your grief over this woman you hardly knew.
MIKE ALFORD November 30, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Chris You Are The Only One That Is Sticking To The Facts About Alcohol !!! But Chris you have to understand that there are some people that have to self medicate them selfs (by taking a drink before they can even leave their house so they can deal with the real world) And they are called alcoholics, that is why A.A. is so popular ! But To Say Guns Kill People Is Insain ! The Fact Is People Kill people ! Another pure FACT is Alcohol Kills More people every year than all the killings (in the United States) every Single Year --- It can Ruin your Health & It can Affect your Mental Health (Which Is Very Obvious) When people are in denile Chris They will make up ANYTHING to Have just One More Drink ! Or to permote one more excuse to have Another Drunk Walk Or For Lack Of A better Word -- SANTA CRAWL --- Yea Just One More Drink ! --- Or Should I Say Drunken Crawl !!!!!!
Linda Meza November 30, 2012 at 02:19 AM
Oh, Mike, you know the only reason why you're jumping on this bandwaggon is becasue you believe it will give you one more thing to grouse about at a city council meeting. This story has nothing to do with downtown events. I hear cocaine kills too...
David Mills November 30, 2012 at 02:27 AM
Folks... thanks for your comments on this story and for providing a provocative discussion. We think everyone has had a chance to express their opinions, so we are closing comments on this particular article.


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