Woman Charged Who Attacked Mother With Hammer Charged with Murder

Nancy Burleigh, 75, succumbed to her injuries on Monday, according to police.

Cindy Lynn Burleigh. Photo provided by Newark Police Nixle Alert
Cindy Lynn Burleigh. Photo provided by Newark Police Nixle Alert
By Bay City News—

A 57-year-old Newark woman was charged with murder today for allegedly killing her 75-year-old mother by attacking her with a hammer on Sunday, prosecutors said.

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Cindy Lynn Burleigh was scheduled to be arraigned on the charge, along with a special-circumstance allegation that she was lying in wait, this afternoon in Alameda County Superior Court in Fremont.
Newark police said Burleigh called them just before 8:30 a.m. on Sunday to report that she had assaulted her mother, Nancy Burleigh, inside a home at 7155 Mayhews Landing Road.

When officers arrived at the house, Burleigh admitted that she had attacked her mother with a hammer, police said. Officers found Nancy Burleigh bleeding from the head, and she was taken to a local hospital to be treated for multiple skull fractures. Burleigh succumbed to her injuries on Monday, police said.
Prosecutors have also charged Cindy Burleigh with a clause accusing her of committing a crime against an elderly person.
Nadja Adolf March 06, 2014 at 02:19 AM
Cindy Burleigh didn't just attack her mother with a hammer; she waited until the elderly woman was in the restroom and attacked her with a sledge hammer. I want to hold a pro-death penalty for Cindy rally. Is anyone interested? It isn't that Cindy killed her mother; it is that she stalked and premeditated the murder of a witness. This is the ultimate example of "snitches get stitches" and murdering a witness in order to protect your son's profits from a grow operation put in the victim's yard is pretty much as evil as a person can get. If we really believe that people should cooperate with the police to stop crime, we had better be willing to deal with those who murder witnesses.
Frank Mockery March 06, 2014 at 12:10 PM
Thousands of Americans are killed by guns every year yet a staunch NRA clown like Nadja opposes any restrictions on access to firearms,but hit one elderly woman with a hammer & suddenly she's outraged ! Ironically most mass murderers get hammered before shooting dozens of people,where are the angry NRA apologists screaming for the death penalty then ? If you took all the guns away & gave everyone a hammer America would be a much safer place. Of course it wouldn't be legal to carry a concealed hammer in public & felons wouldn't be allowed to own hammers. Hammers were a weapon of choice long before the Chinese invented gunpowder though they were never used in mass slayings because most people wouldn't stand still for it. Besides just the thought of a Muslim woman crucifying a hammer wielding Christian woman before she's been judged by a jury of her peers makes me laugh out loud. I'm a proud hammer owner & the only way you'll take my hammers away from me is to pry them from my cold,dead fingers. Cindy Burleigh was only trying to hammer out a solution to an ongoing family dispute & had a handle on the situation when it came to a head. Apparently Nadja won't be happy until Cindy gets stoned one last time,but unfortunately her conservative cohorts have outlawed Sharia law in this country. Hundreds of children are murdered with guns every year & not a peep from Nadja,but kill one old woman with a blunt object & Nadja wants to form a lynch mob ! If you look up hypocrite in the dictionary there's a picture of Nadja as the best example of hypocrisy they could find. A better use of our time would be to meet at City Hall,light flaming torches & drive Nadja out of town like Frankenstein's Monster. Note: Any similarity between the physical characteristics of Nadja Adolph & Frankenstein's Monster is purely coincidental - LMFAO !!!


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