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Police Warn Residents of 'Green Dot Debit Card' Scam

Police advise residents not to give out the card information to anyone

Bay City News—

Newark police is warning the public of a scam involving the purchase of a Green Dot prepaid debit card often associated with collecting winnings from a contest.
The scammer tells victims they have won a lottery or sweepstakes, police said. The caller then tells victims that they need to make a payment associated with taxes or other fees before collecting the winnings, according to police.
Victims are then given instructions to purchase a Green Dot prepaid debit card and provide the card's 14-digit security code to the caller over the phone, police said. With the code the scammer can easily withdraw money from the card, according to police.
The cards can be found at local convenience stores, pharmacies and major retailers, police said. Police advise people to use the Green Dot card for accounts they have control over and to never give the card's information to another party.
The public is also advised to refuse requests of callers asking them to purchase a Green Dot card with the intent of paying fees to redeem a prize, police said.


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