Police Tips: Keep Track of Your Valuables

Newark police offer tips on how to know if something in your home is missing.

From Newark Police

Have you done an inventory of your valuables? You really should! As tough as it can be, it's important to find time for this important task and be sure to place a reminder on your calendar for another inventory, no longer than six months out. 

Check your current inventory list and be sure that all the information is correct and nothing is missing. Be sure to update any changes in location of the item (this is important in the event of a theft or fire, where you may need to have to recall where in the house the item was located). 

Don't wait, conduct your Inventory today! 

First Time inventory? It’s never too late to start! Compile a list of all valuable and even items with sentimental value items in your home (don't forget the garage, too!). Your list should include the MAKE, MODEL, COLOR, TYPE, SERIAL NUMBER, COST and location of each item. 

Keep two copies of the list. One copy should stay in an accessible, but hidden, location in your home and the other kept at another, safe location (i.e. a safe deposit box or other family member's home). Also be sure to mark the most valuable of items with some distinguishing information (Ideally something that can easily identify the property belongs to you, if found by law enforcement). An example of a good identifier is your name and telephone number or your driver's license number. 

And don't forget...take those pictures and video! Keeping images of your home's inventory will help with replacement if lost or stolen.


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Htut Ngyuen September 09, 2012 at 05:41 PM
what was up with the drug bust on cherry that happened last week?


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