Police Tips: How to Throw a Safe Party

Tips to consider when hosting a party.

From Newark Police

Tips to make your gathering a successful, safe, and enjoyable event for everyone.

  1. Know who your guests are; do not send out blanket invitations through social media
  2. Talk to your neighbors and ask them to call you if they experience any issues during your event
  3. If you must leave your gathering, even for a short time, place a responsible adult in charge during your absence
  4. If you plan to invite underage guests, do not allow drinking of alcoholic beverages inside or outside of your home
  5. Go outside occasionally during the event to make sure the noise level is not excessive and that no undesirable activity is taking place
  6. Be considerate when playing music - sound can carry a long way, especially as background noise reduces into the evening

Most gatherings come and go without incident; however, the Police Department will become involved when:

  • Neighbors complain to us and/or a police officer on patrol observes criminal activity such as illegal parking, damage to property, or other unusual activity
  • You call because the gathering has gone beyond your ability to control

Repeated calls to the same disturbance takes officers away from more important duties, which creates a drain on your Department's limited personnel resources and could result in a fine levied against the party’s host.


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