Newark Police Warn Residents of PG&E Phone Scam

Police say to avoid giving out personal information or credit card numbers over the phone when you are not the one who made the call.

Patch photo archive
Patch photo archive
Newark Police issued a warning to residents today to alert them of a PG&E phone scam. According to Nixle Alert released this morning, police are investigating a "con artist [who] is calling victims pretending they are from PG&E."

PG&E has also issued a warning about the scam on their website and says scammers have been targeting residents throughout the Bay Area and all over the country by phone and by email.

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During the Newark incident, the scammer asked the target to load a pre-paid credit card with cash and then give them the credit card number.  

Read the full Nixle Alert below:

The Newark Police Department is investigating a theft by false pretenses where a con artist is calling victims pretending they are from PG&E. The crook scams the victim into loading up a pre-paid credit card with cash. The victim then provides the credit card information to the thief. This scam has been going on throughout the Bay Area. 

Please note PG&E doesn't call customers with solicitation offers! If they reach out to customers it is to notify due to an outage and most likely that is an automated call. PG&E almost never make live phone calls to customers. 

Remember never provide credit card or other personal information over the phone when you did not make the call. 

For more information please visit: 


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