Newark Police Issue 50 Citations During Pedestrian Safety Sting

The operation was held on Tuesday.

Officers from the Newark Police Department issued more than 50 citations to motorists on Tuesday while conducting a Pedestrian Safety Operation during commute hours.
According to police, the operation was launched in response to recent pedestrian-related collisions and the upcoming summer break for local schools.

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During the operation, non-uniformed members of the police department crossed streets in marked pedestrian crosswalks while officers monitored the compliance of motorists. Of the more than 50 citations issued, 35 were for pedestrian right-of-way violations, two were unlicensed drivers' violations, and 14 were for other vehicle code violations.
In addition to the citations, 21 verbal warnings were issued. Officers used the opportunity to speak with motorists and educate them about pedestrian right-of-ways and other associated traffic laws.

—By Bay City News
Mona Taplin May 23, 2014 at 11:25 AM
Good job, Newark Police.
Fed Up May 23, 2014 at 12:46 PM
More evidence that Newark Police Officers are overpaid. We're paying the Newark police chief $250,000 per year. Several Newark cops are being paid $200,000 per year. The average pay for a regular Newark cop totals $150,000 per year. Barney Fife could hand out the jay-walking tickets. Cops are superheros you say? In terms of being killed on the job, cop is about 10th or 11th on the list of most hazardous jobs, depending on which list. Do a google search and check it out yourself. Number 1 most hazardous job? Convenience store clerk or cab driver, again depends on which list. Those workers are paid about $8 per hour! 4th most dangerous job? The person that drives the recycling truck. That pay averages $35,000 per year. Check it out yourself. Newark is a safe town not because of superhero cops, but more likely because of relatively high property values. This city is not Detroit!
Birgitta Bower May 23, 2014 at 02:40 PM
In December last year there was a 14-year-old lying in the middle of Cherry after being hit by a car. April 18 there was a bicyclist down on the road. I contacted the police concerned about traffic in the morning on Cherry. The police gave me some answers on the statistics and could tell me the bicyclist had not been actually hit, but fell due to debris on the road. I think it is very gratifying that the police took the time to do this safety check. I am a bit worried though after hearing that Amazon is moving in on Cherry, because in the morning Cherry is very highly used, full of people stressed getting to school and work. I would not like my kids there on bikes. I've also suggested to the police that they give some talks in the schools on safety in traffic.
Mona Taplin May 23, 2014 at 04:18 PM
Newark police officers have absolutely NO benefits They have to pay for all medical and everything else that normally comes out of paychecks out of pocket. If ever you need a police officer in a hurry, you will find out the hard way that they are worth considerably more than they are paid right now. They are often called out for petty things people could take care of themselves by simply speaking to a neighbor about their complaint. They risk their lives every time they are called for a domestic battery. Or shots fired. Or so many other things. Yes, I have heard complaints that our police sometimes are sarcastic when they respond to a petty call, and that should not happen. They sometimes harass people they find annoying and that should not be either. But when you need them, they are there for you. If there was a measure on the ballot to pay more taxes, fees, whatever to give them a raise I'd vote YES without a doubt.
Mona Taplin May 23, 2014 at 04:29 PM
I also would encourage the Chief of Police to inform the officers under them to never harass a citizen who obviously is not committing a crime, and to keep their sarcasm bottled up when responding to a call for petty reasons that the caller could handle by themselves. I know that's hard to do sometimes, but it should be done by law enforcers.


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