Judge Rules ‘Person of Interest’ in Michelle Le Case Can See Her Child

A restraining order was filed against Giselle Esteban by her ex-boyfriend three days before Le went missing. They have a young daughter.

A Union City woman identified by police as a “person of interest” in the disappearance of nursing student Michelle Le was granted permission to see her daughter Tuesday in an unrelated court case, according to media reports.

Giselle Esteban, 27, a former friend of Le's, had a restraining order issued against her on May 24, just three days before Le went missing. It was requested by Esteban's ex-boyfriend, also a friend of Le's, and barred Esteban from coming within 100 feet of her ex-boyfriend, with whom she has a 5-year-old child, or his immediate family.

The ex-boyfriend cited increasingly bizarre behavior by Esteban, including stalking him, threatening to shoot herself and entering his home uninvited.

The where Esteban failed to show up.

A Fremont judge on Tuesday granted Esteban the right to visit her daughter, but only under the supervision of a professional counselor, the Daily Review reports.

According to the Daily Review, Esteban did not speak in court and walked quickly to a waiting car after her court appearance.

She has not spoken to media since telling KGO-TV reporters in early June that she “openly hates” Le after the two had a falling out when they were high school friends in San Diego, where they both grew up. She also accused Le of ruining her relationship with her child’s father, but said that she had nothing to do with Le’s disappearance.

Esteban’s ex-boyfriend told Patch in a previous interview that he and Le have been close friends for nine years and that Esteban’s accusations are untrue.

In his request for a restraining order, he said he believed Esteban might have a gun. He said that last December Esteban threatened to shoot herself if he did not speak to her on the phone. He called police, who arrested Esteban and found bullets but no gun, he said in his statement.

Esteban’s ex-boyfriend also believed she was stalking him because she "has at times accurately informed me of what I had done the previous evening." He also said she hacked into his email account and would reference saved chat messages he had with others.

He also said Esteban was harassing his mother, causing a scene with her at their daughter’s school on May 22.

On the morning of May 24, the day he filed the restraining order, he said, his mother found Esteban inside their Fremont home uninvited, standing outside the child's room. When the mother asked what she was doing there, Esteban said, "I'm messing with your son," and then ran away, the report states.

Esteban, whose Union City home has been searched at least twice since Le went missing, is still considered a person of interest in Le’s case.

Le, 26, disappeared during a break from her rotation at the Hayward Kaiser hospital two months ago on May 27. Police later found her car parked in a nearby neighborhood with blood inside.

Hayward Police believe Le was murdered by someone who is "not a stranger" based on evidence and information investigators have gathered.

Over the weekend, Hayward police issued a statement saying they are in the case and that they hoped to make an arrest soon, though no timeline was given.

Jennifer Courtney contributed to this report.


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