How to Keep Your Catalytic Converter Safe From Thieves

Police offer tips on how to prevent thieves from taking your catalytic converter.

From Newark Police

Recently there has been a catalytic converter theft in a Newark neighborhood.

Here is a list of ways motorists can deter converter thieves, including:

  • Parking your vehicle in well-populated, well-lit areas
  • Installing conspicuous video surveillance cameras outside homes
  • Parking your vehicle in a closed, locked garage
  • Watching local news to monitor epidemics of local converter thefts so as to take extra precautions
  • Etching the car's VIN on the converter to make it easier to identify a ring of thieves in the future
  • Installing an aftermarket security unit meant to deter catalytic converter theft

Also with the sky rocketing price of gas now would be the time to purchase that locking gas cap!!!


  • Catalytic Converters: Why Thieves Steal Them


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