Gardening Tip: Keep it Thorny to Keep Criminals Out

Police offer tips on how to keep people from jumping into your yard.

By Newark Police

Plants: The Good, the Bad and the Thorny.

Are you nervous about someone jumping over a fence or getting into an area of your yard that may be vulnerable? Shrubbery can be an excellent tool for enhancing home security.

You can make a potential access point less desirable by planting an attractive collection of thorny or sharp shrubs. A cactus rose bush or other beautiful, but "untouchable" plant can be just the deterrent to the person thinking about jumping over a fence.

Plants must be carefully selected and MAINTAINED as they can also hurt your prevention efforts when they aid a burglar by providing concealment around your home.

Shrubbery that blocks the view of your front door or windows can be an invitation to trouble. Be sure to keep your plants well-trimmed so that they do not block the view from the street of your doors and windows. Also, keeping shrubs, hedges and other plantings thinned and cut from the ground up well prevent someone from hiding from your view.

Keeping plants trimmed up at least 12 inches from the ground, no taller than an average person and thinned out will enhance your prevention efforts.

For more information about crime prevention contact:
Tim Jones,
Special Assistant
Community Engagement Division
Newark Police Dept.
(510) 578-4209

James Nelson April 25, 2012 at 08:13 PM
The best Yard Defense I've seen thus far was the Backyard of a Residence in Fremont. Booby Traps galore all over the Backyard, some pretty impressive Death Traps as well. My Favorite was the Landmines, be walking along the Grass and hear that "Clack". Good thing they were Dummy Mines, still, hearing that Activator is enough to make ya shit you're pants! LOL Couple times a year the Owner will find Puddles of Blood in his Yard, usually with a Trail of Droplets indicating Direction of Flight. ( Nails hidden beneath a Layer of Grass, Bear Traps hidden Elsewhere). All kinds of nasty little surprises. Prior to rigging this stuff in his Yard his house had been Burglarized 13 times! Now the odds are in his favor. Personally, if my House had been hit 13 times, I'd just move. But some people are all about taking a Stand and when you have Military Training, this results in Awesome but potentially dangerous Consequences.
Geoff Burton April 26, 2012 at 01:49 PM
I like the Idea of taking out the bad guy's with traps, but not the legal or civil repercussions ..
EWN2 April 26, 2012 at 10:40 PM
"But Officer, I have no idea where that bear trap could have come from!"
James Nelson April 27, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Geoff, At the time I was under the Impression that would be Burglars wouldn't report it had they been injured as they would be Liable for Charges by hopping the Fence in the first place. This is just my Interpretation, never did clarify with the individual about what if's. I suppose if a Burglar wanted to make a stink of it, they could walk down the street where the Fire Vehicle is Parked and ask for help. LOL


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