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Fireworks Sales Start in Newark

The sale of "safe" fireworks in Newark will take place through July 4.

The sale of fireworks has been an annual tradition in Newark for decades, and those brightly decorated sales booths are easy to spot around town.

The Alameda County Fire Department has inspected nine of 10 fireworks booths and signed off for sales to begin Tuesday at noon, according to department spokeswoman Aisha Knowles. The final booth will be inspected today (Wednesday), she said.

Each booth will be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. through July 4. The use of Safe and Sane Fireworks in Newark are only permitted through July 4, Knowles said.

Booths can be found in the parking lots of Mowry Crossing by , the Lido Faire Shopping Center, Rosemont Square, , , and near at and off Thornton Avenue and Cedar Boulevard.

Newark is one of only three Alameda County cities permitted to sell and use fireworks designated as "safe." Union City and Dublin are the other cities allowed to sell and use fireworks.

The booths selling fireworks in Newark benefit non-profit organizations such as the , the Newark Optimist Club, Latinos Unidos de Newark and other local non-profits. 

The City of Newark has sold fireworks for decades and while the city had allowed the use of fireworks at parks in the past, all parks will be closed during this July 4 holiday because shutting them down has been found to be “more effective as far as policing illegal fireworks,” said Mayor David Smith.

“We encourage their use by families at their homes,” Smith added.

Commander Robert Douglas of the Newark Police Department, like Alameda County Fire Department, said the department has a “Zero Tolerance for Illegal Fireworks.” 

According to a press release from the Alameda County Fire Department, "any firework that flies in the air, darts across the ground or explodes is considered illegal in California. If it doesn't have the California State Fire Marshal seal on the packaging, it's illegal. The Fire Department utilizes fire investigators to aggressively enforce fireworks laws."

“The Newark Police Department will aggressively enforce all fireworks laws,” he wrote in an email to Patch.

Douglas added that while Safe and Sane Fireworks are legal to possess and use within city limits, they are only permitted from midnight on June 20 to midnight on July 4.

“Remember the use of legal fireworks should not be used in public parks or on private property.  Please respect the property rights of others,” he said.

Douglas – as well as city officials – are urging for individuals to take precaution during the holiday weekend.

“Enjoy the celebration of Independence and the use of legal fireworks, but please look after the little ones.  Please be responsible and supervise children around fireworks,” Douglas said.

City councilman Al Huezo said at the council’s June 23 meeting that he hopes Newark residents behave and practice being safe and sane when it comes to using fireworks.

Mona Taplin July 05, 2011 at 09:24 PM
J ames, thank you but I wasn't complaining only about myself. Some of the big stuff is extremely dangerous to use. They also traumatize children. I know one little girl who still is frightened when she hears any loud noise,- a door slamming, horn blowing, etc.after being frightened by the noise last year. I've heard of other children this has happened to too. It can and does break the seal between dual pane windows. Have you ever had to pay to replace one? They are very expensive and don't forget that most home owners insurance has a big deductible. Remember the complaints about damage planes do when they break the sound barrier? Some Fireworks can and do cause the same damage. The police aren't breaking their necks to cite people with illegal fireworks because the courts are already so overcrowded that the DA is refusing to prosecute misdemeaners of this sort. That means we are going to put up with them until we find a way to put a stop to them. You mentioned the Big Lots parking lot. I'll bet the manager there was tickled pink to have all that mess to clean up because of thoughtless revelers who have no respect whatsoever for other peoples property. I bet they wouldn't feel the same way if they bought some acreage and a hundred or so people thought that looked like a great spot to have a 4th of July party complete with fireworks whether the owner liked it or not
James July 05, 2011 at 09:55 PM
Mona, Although I enjoy the big stuff, I find myself in agreement with you again. There was a little kid about three maybe four last night who heard a M1000 go off down the street from him and he screamed and cried. Then his dad lit off some Firecrackers and he cried more. This was the first year seeing that for myself, although I did find a few Kids who loved the Big stuff, but not all of them did. There was an older gentleman probably in his 60's or 70's, had a cane and was decked out in Marine Corps stuff. He strolls by one of the drainage ditches on the street and tossed down a M1000, talk about feeling the ground rumble! Apparently he had enough of the Firecrackers the kids were lighting off and decided to show them how it's done. I'd be lying if I said my Heart didn't skip a few beats, huge echo,very loud and I was literally 20 feet away or so. Afterward he asked "Are you laughing now!?". Everybody ended up disbursing from his Neighborhood,lol. As for Big Lots, I only saw about three workers picking up trash in the parking lot, but they did not look happy in the least.
Mona Taplin July 06, 2011 at 12:18 AM
Those are really my biggest concerns James. I use to love to go to see the awesome displays of fireworks and was always disappointed to see them end, too soon for me. I understand people not wanting their animals frightened. I used to have a dog till he died, and still have 2 cats who don't like the noise. But I think the impact fireworks have on little children and the damage they do are far worse than anything else.
Mona Taplin August 21, 2011 at 03:59 PM
August 21,- and yesterday afternoon and evening we were "entertained" by very loud fireworks some idiot was having "fun" with near Hazelnut, Beech Place, Indian Wells, Cyprus Point and Bettencourt street.
James August 21, 2011 at 05:00 PM
I got a similar wake up call the other morning, I was so nice that I opened my Window and yelled "Thanks for the Wakeup call", Although I didn't expect a Reply I got a "Your welcome",lol. Someone Lit a Thunder King Cake (M1000's) about 20 feet from my Bedroom Window. From what I can tell, they used a Cig as a Delay Fuse which gave them 3 - 4 minutes to vacate the area prior to Igniting. On the Bright side had they not have gone off I'd have overslept.


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