642 Marijuana Plants Seized, 3 Arrested During Raids in Newark, Fremont

Officers searched two homes in Newark and one in Fremont.

Three men were arrested and over 600 marijuana plants were seized in a raid in Alameda County on Thursday. The Southern Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force executed three search warrants resulting in three arrests and the seizure of 642 marijuana plants, a loaded shotgun, a loaded pistol and several high-capacity magazines, Newark police said.
Officers raided two residences in Newark, one located in the 6000 block of Marguerite Drive and the second located a couple blocks away in the 5000 block of Robertson Drive, police said.
At the two Newark residences, officers seized 343 marijuana plants, a pound of processed marijuana, a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, a loaded Taurus 9mm handgun, a 10-round magazine, a 17-round magazine and a 30-round magazine, 12-gauge and 9mm ammunition, as well as cash, according to police.
Newark resident Jarrod Ryan Hardin, 31, was arrested in connection with the grow operation. Hardin was booked for cultivation, selling marijuana, grand theft of utility power, being armed in the commission of a felony, and possession of large capacity magazines.
The Southern Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force also executed a search warrant at a third location, a residence in the 33000 block of Lake Lanier Place in Fremont, police said. Officers arrested Patrick Francis Alexander, 27, of Sacramento, and Antonio M. Rodriquez, 22, a Fremont transient at the Fremont residence.
In Fremont, officers discovered 299 marijuana plants, 2 pounds of processed marijuana and 40 pounds of cut marijuana in the process of drying. Rodriquez and Alexander were booked for cultivation, selling marijuana, and grand theft of utility power, according to Newark police. All three arrested suspects have been booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

—By Bay City News

Bong Sativa May 27, 2014 at 04:23 PM
I don't have a problem with the millions of Americans who enjoy marijuana or the tens of thousands who risk their freedom by defying the law to grow & distribute it to them. According to dozens of recent polls the majority of Americans now favor legalization & growing & selling marijuana won't even be a crime in California soon. Even those who are vehemently opposed to legalization concede that it appears to be inevitable at this point. I can even understand the need to arm yourself against potential intruders because "real" criminals could kick in your door & attack & rob you in your home at any time. It happens to people who aren't growing marijuana everyday & I certainly believe you have a right to protect yourself & your property with firearms if you wish. But when you start overloading a likely rented houses electrical capability by gerrymandering the wiring,bypassing the meter & stealing the power to do so it creates a potential fire hazard to neighboring homes as well. These people much like the imbeciles who set themselves ablaze by attempting to make hash oil in their garage don't give a damn about their neighbors safety & in turn cast millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens in a bad light. Unfortunately idiots come in all shapes & sizes & no group is without their fair share of them (Tea Party Republicans are a prime example) & they always make for great headlines. The fact is that the arrest of these three men & the confiscation of 642 marijuana plants is pretty insignificant for everyone but them when measured against the estimated billion dollars worth of marijuana grown in California every year. It's "high" time to cut our losses,quit wasting our meager law enforcement resources & burdening our overloaded prison system with those who provide the marijuana to the people who prefer marijuana to alcohol & prescription drugs. When will this madness stop ? Circle the first Tuesday in November 2016 on your calendar & encourage your friends & neighbors to vote to repeal decades of marijuana prohibition at last. Or contact your elected representative & demand change & a rational policy regarding marijuana today !!!


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