Pro-death penalty rally

This week a Newark woman died from injuries inflicted on her with a sledge hammer. A relative was angry with her because she had reported to the police that another relative was illegally growing marijuana in her backyard.

The perpetrator, Cindy Burleigh, waited until the victim was in the restroom and then burst in on her and battered her with a sledge hammer because she apparently was tired of her "snitching" on relatives who insisted on conducting illegal activities on her property.

I intend to schedule a pro-death penalty rally for this defendant. If we permit people to murder witnesses, we can expect to wind up like Oakland or Richmond where if a murder is committed on a busy street in broad daylight, no one will testify out of fear.

This attack was not a "family matter." Murder never is. This attack was an example of "snitches get stitches" and needs to be addressed as such.


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