Newark School District Raises

Let's see the Teachers and Management got a 5.5% raise. The teachers voted many years back to have their healthcare and salary separate so the teachers with spouses could get the cash instead of paying benefits that their spouse already pays. The other people who work for the District doing their paperwork, fixing their computers, cutting the lawns, helping to watch the kids in classrooms, cleaning the toliets, these people still get their salary and healthcare separate, not together. So it seems that the School District only wants to give them a raise on the salary part and not the healthcare part. Even though the healthcare part keeps going up every year for many years and these people have not had a salary raise in at least 5 or 6 years because they are told that their heathcare is going up so much every year so what ever raise they were going to get it will go to the heathcare and then they don't have to come up with any money out of their pocket. These people also have been getting less and less from their healthcare plans in the last couple of years. Maybe the District feels these people are not as deserving as the teachers and management to get the same raise as they got. Or maybe the District feels they cant add and will not notice that if the teachers and management got a raise based on both their Salary and Heathcare that if these people just get a raise on their Salary it will be the same thing. Maybe if we get a forth grader to add this up for us he will see that it does not add up to the same thing.
Nick April 30, 2014 at 06:21 PM
The problem I see with most public agencies, is what happens to the pensions/health insurance of retirees. As we all know decades ago, because they couldn't compete salary wise with private companies, public agencies boasted their benefits, vacation time, holidays, retirement benefits. It's now these retirement benefits coming back to bite the taxpayer and every new governmental employee. It's unfortunate that the current workers have to bite the bullet on this careless promise.


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