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Letter to the Editor: No on Measure G

Newark resident Albert Rubio shares his opinion on a proposed school bond measure on the ballot for November.

No on Measure G

Politics has become a scheme for systematic abuse. This comes from a sober examination of Measure G and not cynicism.

Straight talk is not a virtue of politics or unions, especially during taxpayer fund raising. We would do well to remember that politics is a battle of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. Measure G is no exception.

Consider the 1997 bond totaling $107 million with a balance of $57 million, passed for the same reasons as now. Where are the reports explaining where the money went?

Only 14 years later, I'm getting mail telling me how excited every local politician and their cousins are for Measure G (G must be for government). More debt is never a responsible solution.

The bond is for capital expenditures, yet in the school budget, this fund is unsurprisingly empty. Decades of diverting funds and then coming to the taxpayer for repeated bailouts means accountability is broken.

I'm solemnly convinced we'll get the mismanaged schools we deserve so long as schools remain in the political sphere and brazenly beg for bond bailouts. This time, however, a NO vote will send the message that we demand responsible management.

Albert Rubio, Newark

jerry November 03, 2011 at 04:50 PM
Rubio is absoutely correct and a no vote is needed on measure G. WE do not need to reward the school board president by making him our mayor, we would have more of his poor leadership, which we don't need.
Lisa Kphotoalbums November 04, 2011 at 12:42 AM
I agree with Rubio...I was reminded of the Bond of 1997 and looked it up. I am still paying on it. We all are. I looked up the 1997 Bond measure and it has the same wording as this one. How it will fix up the schools? What was done with the 60 million from the last time? It doesn't look like much was done...and, then, who has the money? And will we need to BAIL OUT the DISTRICT another 14 years down the road?


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