Be Aware of Scams and "Casers" in Newark at Your Door!

Patch photo archive
Patch photo archive
This past holiday weekend, a stranger came to my door.

He appeared to be a young Hispanic man in his early to mid 20's, clean shaven with short cut hair, wearing a blue polo shirt and black shorts with a blue lanyard around his neck that read the word "Capitol" in white lettering. He had a picture badge hanging from the lanyard. His right earlobe had a small hole in it. He was carrying a clipboard. 

When I answered the door, he spoke quickly and said he was updating alarm systems and wanted to let everyone know that all security systems are powered by phone lines which would going away in the near future. He said, "Police don't even respond to alarm calls anymore because there are so many false alarms. It is my job to upgrade everyone for free who has an alarm system." I said, "No thank you, I am not interested."

He said, "Do you have a Vista or Lynx security system?" I repeated, "No thank you, I am not interested" and closed the door. He continued talking through the door before he walked away a few seconds later.

This young man did not introduce himself or the company he worked for. He also ignored "no thank you" and tried to continue talking in a disrespectful manner.

A few of my neighbors saw him walking as well, randomly going to different houses (in no particular order). This man did not have a car, and he appeared to be walking alone. He was seen walking on Haley, Mayhews Landing, Bettencourt, and Spruce streets.

I contacted Newark Police and provided this report as well. 

Please be aware of scam artists or people that may be casing your home. Notify your Neighborhood Watch group! I would rather be wrong and report this, then not report at all and someone in our neighborhood becomes a victim simply because they were caught off-guard.
Mona Taplin May 29, 2014 at 02:31 PM
Lol Geoff Burton. Yep! I got lots of those emails too. Probably the same ones. I turned down I don't know how many inheritances from long lost relatives that just happened to know my name and left me tons of money. Sadly, I have close friends, deceased now, who lost $75,000 to one of those schemes. Their entire life savings,- never got a penny back. Their son pointed it out to them. He had "invested" a few thousand bucks of borrowed money, made a few dollars, and dumped in more and encouraged others to do so. It nearly destroyed him, knowing that he had been the sucker who fell for a UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED investment opportunity. We all have to be very, very careful of these things, no matter whether they are by snail mail, email, telephone or door to door shyster. I wonder how many of the televised infomercials that draw in suckers by the hundred thousands on a daily basis for items not sold in stores are anywhere near as good as they sound? I'd guess not many. But I'll admit I did bite on a couple of those and received sleazy junk that just got tossed. Some one made a few bucks off me. No more than $100 all told but even that is foolish to throw away when it could have bought some needy person a lot of groceries.
Nadja Adolf May 29, 2014 at 03:53 PM
At least he was less obvious than the guy from "General Electric" alarms or some such who was wandering around and offering security systems at 11;30 at night on Christine St. several years ago. We were enjoying the airflow through our screened doors when we heard a most unpleasant word from the front yard. Apparently he had been trying to make a security check of our front window when he discovered that the bush he was investigating was a Mahonia. It seems he was doing free security checks before contacting the occupants; in fact, from what we observed, he was made a couple of free security checks across the street without even contactingthe homeowners. We rectified the matter by calling the neighbors who were at home while he was attempting to open their gate to conduct a security check. He left the area when he saw the neighbor come out and immediately begin to dial his phone.
Mona Taplin May 29, 2014 at 05:25 PM
We had one jack ass come ring our doorbell after lights were out and we had gone to bed selling security alarms! That was a few years back. Another time close to 10 p.m. a couple young people came to the door,- no more than 18 years old, selling something. Don't remember what. I just said not interested and shut the door. They called out to me--- No! Please wait! It was cool that night and they didn't even have sweaters on. I just called the police and reported them. I've often wondered if maybe they needed some help from me and still feel a little guilty I didn't open the door again to find out for sure.
James Nelson May 30, 2014 at 05:28 AM
When I actually cared about Newark Schools, I used to go door to door selling whatever crap the school wanted sold. Usually candy bars. So many people turned me away, ignored me etc. One lady over on Orleans drive even called the police on me!!!! I remember kicking her fancy flower as I left, LOL. After that, I decided to just go where ever all the potheads congregated which at the time was Mirabeau Park. Couple times I'd go to Gubera's Pub after old man Richard (Owner) left and make a killing! Once I found my prospective buyers, I earned all kinds of Awards from my schools, usually for most items sold. Potheads were the best customers.
Angela June 02, 2014 at 01:07 PM
I had the same guy come to my door and ask to see my adt panel. He showed me a picture of the panel he wanted to update my system with. I told him I already had an updated panel and then he asked to see it saying he had never seen one up close. I told him no way was he coming into my house. His supposed name is Austin Burns from Capital Connect 877-241-1844. Me and my 115pd GSD spoke to him through the front window he seemed kind of offended I wasnt letting him in my house. I also reported this to NPD.


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