Don't Be A Victim, Webcam Responsibly

The Old Saying "What Happens Behind Closed Doors, Stays Behind Closed Doors" Doesn't Apply With Webcams.
The Old Saying "What Happens Behind Closed Doors, Stays Behind Closed Doors" Doesn't Apply With Webcams.
Webcams are a great way to enhance a Chat with friends over the Internet and allows anyone to see you and if they have a Webcam, you can see them. The problem as with any Technology is that it can be used for bad. In the case of Webcams, this bad usually results in you being recorded without your knowledge doing some intimate things.

It's the worst possible violation of someone's privacy, while dangerous all the same. How would you feel if one day your Co-workers, Family, or Friends were browsing for porn and just happened upon a video of you doing some very private things in the sanctity of your bedroom.

Worse, what if they saw your video being distributed on social media? Being in such a Compromising position can essentially ruin your career and reputation.

It's a reality for many people who have had it happen to them and have fought hard to get their videos taken down. The underlying problem however is that the internet is forever and even if you went to every Website to request that unauthorized media of you be taken down, dozens if not more individuals have copies on their hard drives.

According to the Law, it's Illegal for anyone to record someone else without consent unless in a public place. California for instance is a two party consent state, meaning both individuals must give consent in order for one or the other to record, Therefore distributing the content as in sharing it over social media sites without permission is by association illegal. 

Unfortunately, this is more geared toward Telephones and Video Cameras as is spelled out under California's Recording Law which is discussed on this Website http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/california-recording-law

When you Webcam with someone, you are allowing them to see you and by definition permitting them to record you as they wish. Fact is, there currently isn't an explicit law concerning Webcam usage and until there is one, these types of situations won't be properly addressed.

Further adding insult to injury is that these incidents are rarely punished legally unless of course the victim is a minor. Hence, child porn.

Under 18? It's illegal, if there's any kind of nudity involved. Pedophiles have actually evolved on the Internet over the past Decade and now seek out children on Webcams not to get them naked, but to see them clothed. According to the Law, it's OK to see Children in Bras and Undies, so these perverts aren't breaking any laws by distributing or watching.

This isn't to say Adults don't have recourse options, one that most victims use is to contact the Websites hosting their recordings and file a formal DMCA Complaint.

DMCA or Digital Media Copyright Act, allows someone who produced any type of content to claim rights to it and thus can get it removed from unauthorized websites.

The bigger issue though is the Copyright infringement and is what most lawyers would focus on as it's clear and cut without grey areas.

This is where common sense plays a really huge role in securing your safety while you Webcam.

  1. When engaging in Webcam Activities, do so only with people you absolutely trust. 
  2. When you aren't actively using the Webcam, unplug it from the Computer. This helps to prevent Digital Peeping toms, from accessing your Webcam without your knowledge via Malicious Programs.
  3. If your Webcam is integrated into your Laptop, simply place an object such as a Cloth or Paper over the lens and be sure to disable the Mic's Audio
  4. When shopping for a Webcam, look for one which has a LED indicator of when it's on.
If you previously had a Webcam Session with someone and they secretly recorded you and are now Threatening to expose you unless you do something they want, this is called Black Mail and is a Crime punishable by Local Police.

If you are a Parent, and have a Child with a Webcam, you may want to supervise them when they use it or just take it away until they reach a proper age.

This type of Activity isn't restricted to just a particular age group or culture and in fact both Females and Males of any Age, Creed, Faith, Profession, Race, Relationship Status, etc are Victimized.

Due to Security reasons and Patches TERMS OF USE, I will not be linking to any of these Websites. If you want to find them yourself, just go to Google and type in "Webcam Tubes" without the quotes.

Please Note: A lot of these Websites are booby trapped with Malicious Files & Viruses designed to attack both your Browser and Computer. Unfortunately, this doesn't deter Perverts from actively seeking out such material and Distributing it. Browse at your own risk!

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