Why I Don't Vote

An Opinion of a Non Voter... If you are easily Offended you probably don't want to read the rest of my Post.


I've often been accused of being Anti American just because I choose not to Vote while in a land that defends what little rights it has left. I don't see the need to make my Opinions known to a Public whom is so self absorbed that should we be facing a Cataclysmic End Game, everyone would still be whining about Political Crap.

I think the Notion of Electing a Single Man or Woman to tackle the needs of a Broader Population is otherwise Troublesome. After all, such a Person would clearly be running for the Power they could wield and not necessarily for the promises they made during their own Campaign.

Politics is a Fools Game, complete with Approval from a mostly Foolish Public whom believes every Word our Gov tells them even though just like Religion these Guidelines and Policies are mere Fiction written by some Joker who had a bland sense of Humor and in the case of Modern day Laws a bit of a Coke Habit.

Don't misunderstand me, I respect those who believe in a Faith. However I personally am not sold on any Religions and don't believe that a Deity lives up in the clouds and will come down to save me.

I've known all along that Politicians aren't worth their Salt and recently with Mitt Romney's secretly taped Conversation coming to light, my previous Statements hold true. It's always a Hoot when some Idiot Suit shoots himself in the foot when all they do is belittle and question every move the other guy whose Job they want has made.

So, getting back to Voting...

How can I be expected to Vote for one of two Candidates both of whom I despise? When it comes down to it, I think Obama is the lesser of two Evils but I certainly wouldn't Vote for him. Still he's made Limited Progress and has shown that he's for the People unlike the other guy whom does what any other Rich person does and Whines about why their Money can't buy them the Seat they're After.

Mitt Romney comes across as an Entitled Rich Snob, whom caters to a Mostly Rich Circle of Associates and Friends whom places Money above all else. Has Mitt ever lived in a Hood? Has he ever walked amongst the people of a Population and witnessed the Hardships others face?

Then there is Obama, he's already got Four years under his Belt and during that time he's made several Controversial Changes to our Society in the form of Bills 8 Laws. He's a Great Talker, can sell almost anyone whatever he's peddling.

However he's got a Reputation for being somewhat Soft and pissing off Millions of Americans with his Vision for the Future.

Can Obama really be Trusted though? Anyone who thinks Politicians aren't Dirty behind the Scenes is just Naive, after all how do you think they get to the Level they are at because it's certainly not doing what's best for the people.

Concessions along with back room dealing is a reality for these individuals. Plus you have to Factor in what they will be giving to the limited population that serves as Benefactors during Campaigning Sessions.

Between these two Candidates and Human Beings is there really such a thing as a Better Candidate? I ponder these very Questions everyday and the result is the same.

I subscribe to the Theory that America's Election System and it's entire Political Ideology is so played out and Flawed that it's got no Validity in the year 2012. When it comes down to it, whether it's an Election for POTUS or the City Council of some Po dunk little Town, Politicians seeking such titles bring nothing of substance to the table.

They know Insults, and possess Vocabularies tantamount to Modern Day Scholars yet bring nothing of any real Value to the fore front. Empty Promises are a Staple of American Politics, giving false hope to those desperate for change only to forget about the little guys when they are at the top of the Totem Pole.

It's painfully obvious that we will never see a True Leader get Elected to any Office except for more of the same tired & played out puppets that Educational Institutions Pump out like a Baby Factory year after year.

The Problem with the current System is that it relies upon an often Morally Corrupt Population to choose between two or more Devils whose Goals and Merit reflects that of each and every Voter whom aligns themselves with said Candidate. It's got nothing to do with Change, or Improving anything. It's all about who is more likely to cater to the Voters Belief System.

As long as each Election harbors the same Misguided Propaganda and Hatred America will never know True Leadership. It's a sad state of affairs when all we get is more of the same every Election Cycle, what's the harm in revealing how someone might tackle any host of issues?

Election Candidates always say they have a plan and will even use the God Card in order to reel in Religious Voters whom may Vote for them just because they are people of Faith whether or not they really are is besides the point.

The bottom line for me, is that I cannot knowingly nor willingly participate in an Open Election when I don't Trust any of the Candidates involved. I will however continue to pay my Taxes and Live a Life I so choose according to what I believe no matter who gets Elected. As far as choosing a Side the best way to sum me up is "Indifferent".

Introduce a Candidate that I can relate to and Trust then we will talk about my Vote being Cast. 

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ba October 04, 2012 at 07:29 AM
One solution is to have campaign finance reform where a public fund (from tax) will be given equally to all candidates. So no influence of corporate, big money or unions in the election process. Stops them from buying the votes. !! But this can never change because the very people elected are bound to perpetuate this corrupt system of financing their elections.


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