Week in Review: Oil Leak at Evergreen Prompts Evacuation; Witnesses Recount Osana Futi Stabbing

was evacuated Friday morning after its refinery employees discovered an oil leek at the plant on Smith Avenue. About 70 people were evacuated as a precaution after a superheated oil leaked. Alameda County firefighters and a county hazmat team responded to the refinery and the leak was secured approximately one hour and 40 minutes after it was reported. No injuries were reported but an employee was treated on the scene for a medical concern.

Witnesses Recount Osana Futi Stabbing

Details from the night a Newark student was fatally stabbed in Fremont surfaced this week as witnesses recounted the night of and the day after the killing of Osana Futi during preliminary examinations held at the Fremont Hall of Justice on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, one witnesses talked about and how the suspect charged with murder in connection to Futi’s death said the football star deserved what happened to him. On Friday, the grandfather of one of the minors arrested in connection to the killing told the court that he was the owner of the knife authorities seized as evidence.

Three Home Burglaries Occur in Two Days

Police are searching for at least three men after three residential burglaries were reported in Newark this week. Newark police said Tuesday afternoon by two male suspects and that Thursday afternoon by one male suspect.

Independence Day was celebrated safely within Newark this week without any reported injuries. Police officials said they received fewer complaints of fireworks this year compared to last. However, fire officials had to extinguish two outdoor fires that night, but it is unclear if fireworks were the cause.

was evacuated last Sunday after police and fire officials responded to a suicide and suspected that a person had committed suicide by chemicals. Officials found notes warning others to not enter the hotel room. Four floors of the hotel was evacuated but occupants were given the clear to re-enter within an hour.

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