VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at Tesla Model S Unveiling

Tesla's first mass-production car rolled off the assembly line to uproarious applause.

Governor Jerry Brown joined Tesla CEO Elon Musk, 2,000 employees, and numerous business and political leaders last Friday for the debut of the Model S.

The automobiles were made inside of a Fremont plant that was previously known as the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. auto plant, which closed two years ago.

See the video above for highlights.

Edward June 27, 2012 at 07:18 AM
The Fremont Plant built Oaldsmobiles and Buicks in the 1960s and 1970s, built Chevy Nova, Geo prizim/Chevy prizim, Pontiac Vibes and now the Tesla "S" model and next year the "X" model SUV will be tooling up for 2014 Production. The biggest single cost of this new Automobile is the Battery. At $30,000.00 of the $57,000.00 cost of ther car, the battery is the key to making this a "long range" vehicle. If costs come down, on the battery, the cost will come down on all new Electric Cars in the future. With Solar panel costs comming down and efficiency of Solar going up, soon a low cost set of Solar panels will replace the Fuel Pump for most American Commute Cars. Induction Plate Toll lanes could charge the batteries while driving on Interstates, in the future, with Fast track transmitters paying for the power. Like a "Third Rail" powers "BART", Cars could go as far as the infrastructure could power them, even coast to coast. With Oil depleation over the next century, Cheveron and BP petrolium are already building large solar generation stations allong interstates in California and Nevada and selling the power they generate to local utilities. The oil companies will sell us the "NEW ENERGY" whatever it may be. "Fuel Cell" Electric power could be made from Sea Water using solar to create it. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs is what America Needs and building this future will bring them home to America.


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