Sprouts & Shutters: Amazon.com Coming to Newark

The new distribution center in the East Bay translates to hundreds of jobs, according to one report.

Patch photo archive.
Patch photo archive.

Newark now is listed among the many cities with job openings on Amazon.com's hiring page. The online retail giant shows "Fulfillment Associate" positions available in Newark on its website. 

The Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that Amazon has recently leased the Cherry Logistics Center in Newark. The 574, 640 square foot "cross dock distribution building" is located at 38811 Cherry Street, according to  a flier listed on the Cassidy Turley Commercial Real Estate website.

Newark Mayor Alan L. Nagy told the Silicon Valley Business Journal, "That's going to mean, I believe, a couple hundred jobs, which certainly this area can use. I think it bodes well for our Newark residents that want to apply for a job there, that want to work close to home."

Amazon also has a research unit in Sunnyvale. 

What do you think about the Seattle-based company moving in to Newark? Tell us in the comments section.
Mona Taplin May 15, 2014 at 04:19 PM
Thank you Geoff. We have both been battling bronchitis for weeks but finally are much better. I am glad to see new business coming into our city.
James Nelson May 15, 2014 at 08:41 PM
It would be GREAT if all jobs at this new location were given to Newark Residents. However at the moment no matter what corner of the Internet I search I only see one part time position available for the warehouse. A lot of times when a Company moves to Newark they often bring over their own workers which does NOTHING for our citizens. On the flipside $13.50 an hour is pretty good for someone just out of high school. Warehouse was my Absolute favorite job when I was younger. Something about being in a hot box for eight hours a day breaking your back and sometimes your neck to get stuff done in a high paced environment. Often times your like a hero riding upon your mechanical lift to the rescue, otherwise stuff doesn't get done or it gets done slowly. Sometimes I miss it. One hell of a good way to lose weight, too. I was so skinny then. LOL. Anyway back to my sandbox.
Mona Taplin May 16, 2014 at 12:08 AM
Most businesses when they move to a new location bring in many of their already trained workers, but I still like the taxes they will bring to the city. As time goes by, more Newark residents will have the opportunity to apply for jobs. I was also happy to see NEWARK NEWS on the Newark Patch for a change.
Michael Spencer May 16, 2014 at 08:56 AM
Businesses these days are not going to offer anything other than part time work because the don't want to pay benifits. Today you are either lucky or have a trade of some sort to even be considered for any full time position.
James Nelson May 16, 2014 at 02:41 PM
Mona, You just had to go and put a hex on it didn't you? Right now it's "National Desk" news on Newark Patches front page. Sigh. Maybe if I originally transplanted to Newark from out of state like a lot of these patch editors I'd care about what happens outside of our state but since I'm Newark raised I do not see the relevance. Not to hijack this stream or anything but Local news is meant to be LOCAL! otherwise change the damn text elsewhere on the site to reflect "National news" or "International News". Ugh. I would totally slap Patches new CEO with a wet towel. GET WITH THE PROGRAM.


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