Newark Chamber of Commerce Hires New President

Management Consultant Valerie K. Boyle will be the new President and CEO of the Newark Chamber of Commerce.  Photo credit: Valerie K. Boyle
Management Consultant Valerie K. Boyle will be the new President and CEO of the Newark Chamber of Commerce. Photo credit: Valerie K. Boyle

The Newark Chamber of Commerce hired a new president this week, ending a four-month search to fill the position vacated when Linda Ashley retired.

Management Consultant Valerie K. Boyle will be the new President and CEO.

When asked about the reasons she decided to take the job, she said that she was very impressed by how committed the members were to the organization. 

“We have a group of people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and pull things together,” Boyle said. 

Boyle brings 35 years of experience working with economic development organizations to the table. She led the Fremont, California Chamber of Commerce as its President from 1988- 2000.  Later that decade, she was the Interim President of both the Palo Alto and Mountain View Chambers of Commerce, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Boyle is currently running a management consulting company called Boyle Associates. She says she will put her company on pause while she works for the Newark Chamber of Commerce. It will be a full-time, salaried position.

Boyle told Patch on Friday that she intends to expand and grow The Chamber; however, the specifics of how she will do that or what she will do have not been defined. She plans to meet with members to determine what approaches would work best for the business community in Newark.  A “visioning retreat” may be in the works.
“There’s a saying: If you’ve seen one chamber, you’ve seen one chamber,” Boyle said with a laugh, emphasizing the uniqueness of each one. She said she is enthusiastic about the future and looks forward to the challenge. 

“I know change is unsettling,” she said. “But for me, that’s exciting. I’m like, OK. So what’s next?”

Valerie K. Boyle starts her new job on Monday, January 20, 2014.

You can meet her in person at the next Newark Chamber of Commerce luncheon, which will be held on February 20 at the Hilton, located at 39900 Balentine Dr, Newark. For more information about that event call (510) 744-1000 or email info@newark-chamber.com

Fremont Chamber January 17, 2014 at 03:27 PM
Congratulations Valerie and Newark Chamber!
Summer Hemphill January 20, 2014 at 11:18 PM
The Chamber of Commerce is a pro-business,anti-worker entity that among other things bankrolls the campaigns of conservative Republican candidates who are determined to undermine the rights of American workers. They're anti-union,anti-overtime,anti-equal wages for women,oppose all raises in the minimum wage & are staunch opponents of the Affordable Care Act. If these policies coincide with your own views be sure to patronize businesses which belong to this reprehensible organization. If you're offended & vehemently disagree with their dangerous & ill-conceived stances I suggest that you encourage your friends & neighbors to shop where the proprietors share your political views. You can also encourage those businesses that have the unmitigated gall to belong to the Newark Chamber of Commerce to terminate their association with this insidious & heinous cabal forthwith. Best of luck here in Newark Valerie,you'll certainly need it !
Jack Torrance January 21, 2014 at 03:01 PM
Wow Summer! Those are some pretty heavy accusations. I'd love to SEE the concrete evidence you have to support these claims.


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