New Homes and Townhomes Planned in Newark

This is the first new home development in Newark in more than a decade.

(Image Credit: Trumark Homes)
(Image Credit: Trumark Homes)
Trumark Homes recently closed on its fourth acquisition, an 11.98-acre, 164-unit residential development project located on Timber Street and Cedar Boulevard in Newark.

The project’s total value is $115 million.

Trumark Homes broke ground on the project in May--the first new development in Newark in more than a decade.

The new neighborhood will provide a combination of medium-density single-family detached homes and higher-density multifamily townhomes for sale within a short distance of the Dumberton Bridge, AC Transit and the Dumbarton Express.

“This project is located in a great central Bay Area location with access to BART, bridges and freeways, allowing residents to work in San Francisco, Oakland, East Bay, Peninsula, Silicon Valley and San Jose,” said Christopher Davenport, senior vice president of land development for Trumark Homes. “The city has encouraged this property to be converted from an old RV storage parking lot to something better. This strip of land is adjacent to the freeway and will provide a much better window into Newark and will improve that section of Cedar Boulevard as well.”

Trumark will make additional off-site improvements—including a new median in Cedar Boulevard and a new sound wall for approximately 20 homes on the opposite side of Cedar Boulevard—that will further improve the area’s aesthetics.

The 164 residences will include 84 three-story detached single-family homes averaging 2,200 square feet and 80 two- and three-story attached townhomes. Six different floor plans are proposed, ranging in size from three-bed, three-bath with 1,573 square feet to four-bed, three-and-a-half-bath with 2,379 square feet.

Residents will be a short distance from many other local shopping and amenities including Costco, Walmart, and Kohl’s. The city of Newark offers more than 13 parks and sport play facilities, including the George M. Sillman Community Activity and Family Aquatic Center, and op schools, including Milani & Bunker Elementary, Newark Junior High and Newark Memorial High School.

“The City of Newark has been very helpful and accommodating with this project, and they’ve supported this development from day one,” Davenport said.

Broker Steve Tao of Mason McDuffie Commercial represented the seller, Emmett Family Limited Partnership. The project’s architect is KTGY Group.

--Information provided by Trumark

  The Trumark Group of Companies is a diversified real estate developer and builder with expertise in land acquisition, homebuilding, community design, entitlements and office, R&D and retail development. Trumark has raised more than $340 million of equity and funded 24 deals since the depth of the recession in 2009. www.trumark-co.com/companies

Trumark Homes is a new generation homebuilder that is nimble, focused and unburdened by broken projects of the past. Its pipeline exceeds 4,400 lots in core in-fill areas of California, representing more than $2.8 billion in future revenue. www.trumarkhomes.com

Trumark Urban develops condos in core urban neighborhoods close to jobs, transit and local businesses. Since making the strategic decision to focus on San Francisco in 2011, the new division has acquired seven sites in San Francisco for high-density condominium communities with plans in the works for more than 600 units with total projected revenue in excess of $700 million. www.trumarkurban.com


Nadja Adolf May 29, 2014 at 04:59 PM
Oh, look! McHousing! Is the city subsidizing this project, too? When the city shuts down the EZ-8 the residents there can just move into these new high-density units which will place them closer to robbery and burglary victims.
Nadja Adolf May 29, 2014 at 05:01 PM
I'm not sure how adding another 150-250 cars on Cedar Blvd, Mowry, and Thornton in the morning is going to make Newark more desirable. And I had no idea that we had a BART station in Newark.
Nadja Adolf May 29, 2014 at 05:06 PM
I'm waiting for defenders of the plan to show up. My favorites are the folks who had impoverished childhoods and worked their way out of poverty and are apparently miss the miserable slums of their youth so badly that they want Newark to build some. It isn't clear if they wish to drive through and gloat or simply indulge in nostalgia.
Nadja Adolf May 29, 2014 at 05:20 PM
This is a very confused article. According to Trumark, the project actually appears to be an "attainable" unit development that is being built by Trumark Companies, not the higher end division of Trumark, which is Trumark Homes. Trumark Homes is building a project in Milpitas - but the Newark project is being built by the more downmarket division of Trumark.. http://www.trumarkco.com/companies/eblastTimber.asp According to the corporate website: Plan # Unit Style Bedroom Count Bathroom Count Square Footage Garage Type Unit Count 1 3-Story SFA 2 2.5 1229 2-Tandem 80 1-alt 3-Story SFA 2 2.5 1375 2-Tandem 7 2 3-Story SFA 3 + Den 4.5 1784 Standard 99 3 3-Story SFA 3 3.5 1143 Standard 7 4 3-Story SFA 3 3.5 1788 Standard 7
Nadja Adolf May 29, 2014 at 05:32 PM
http://www.newark.org/images/uploads/ctymgr/pdfs/Agendas/Sept%2026%20agd%20rpt-092013.pdf On September 26, 2013, the City Council granted Trumark a conditional use permit for 164 units on a little under 12 acres, with zoning permitting 13.7 units per acre. Each unit will have a two car garage, with 16% of these being "tandem" style, a style which discourages actual use. There will be 84 guest parking spaces on site. The city believes that the tandem garages will not be a problem since the nearest available street parking is across four lane Cedar Blvd. The city believes that the project as approved will resolves the existing neighborhood residents expressed concerns regarding privacy from being viewed from three story houses, traffic congestion, and pedestrian safety on Cedar Blvd.


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