Evergreen Identifying More Repairs Needed at Plant

Only one portion of Evergreen Oil Inc.'s two re-refinery sections is in operation.

It’s been more than a month since an oil refinery plant in Newark started re-refining oil again after a March fire shut down its operations, but Refinery has yet to be back in full operation.

Plant Manager Bob Gwaltney said the re-refinery and hazardous waste company is currently identifying repairs and replacements needed for portion of the plant, known as Train 1, . Train 2, which runs near Train 1, was back in operation on Oct. 31.

Gwaltney said the plan is to have Train 1 be back in operation in a few weeks. 

Both portions of the re-refinery section of the plant, which is located off Smith Street, carry out the same procedures and are made up of similar equipment to transform used oil back into a base oil. Train 1 was built in 1986, while Train 2 was established in 2010.

When at full capacity Evergreen re-refines 400 million gallons of used oil per year through this procedure, Gwaltney said. The used oil comes from numerous vendors throughout the state, including Wal-Mart and Jiffy Lube, and extensive testing of the quality of the oil is conducted throughout the entire process, he added.

Gwaltney said since the fire, the company has and will continue to enhance its community outreach efforts.

The newest feature for residents is the company’s Odor Complaint Hotline. For off-site odor complaints, residents can call 510-608-0180 or email communityoutreach@evergreenoil.com.

Once a complaint is made, it is logged and then forwarded to the shift supervisor in charge at the time of the call. Then an email notification goes out to more staff. Gwaltney said the procedure also can include an Evergreen representative visiting the site where the odor is being reported from.

Evergreen has also established the , a group that will meet quarterly and act as a liason between Newark residents and the oil refinery. Its next meeting will be in February

Evergreen officials said there are still some seats open on the panel. For more information, contact Evergreen Community Relations Manager Denise Glover at dglover@evergreenoil.com or 510-795-4400.

Evergreen’s re-refinery section was immediately shut down March 29 after a thinning pipe and caused a in the re-refinery portion of the plant. It began in Train 1, but also impacted Train 2. One employee suffered from an arm injury as a result of the fire.

Investigation of the fire found that the blaze damaged pumps, wiring and other equipment. By late August, 200 feet of pipeline was replaced using stainless steel, a material less subject to corrosion.

James December 07, 2011 at 10:35 PM
It's Illegal to burn Wood in your Fireplace supposedly during Winter yet Evergreen continues to fill our Air with Toxic Elements. Anyone else notice the Irony? I personally continue to burn Wood, in fact during the Winter just about everyone on my block does it too. I don't know how I would respond to someone who came to my door because of a Fireplace complaint but I can tell you this much with 100 % certainty they will get a Laugh followed by a Door Slam.
Tim December 07, 2011 at 11:22 PM
Evergreen isn't emitting particulates or the fireplace Nazis would be on them too. Wood burning created particulate emissions. Rainfall removes this pollution, hence why the aqmd was pretty quite last year. So far, we've been cool and dry. Expect more bans in the coming days and weeks. You can laugh and blow them off if they come to your door but Big Brother has iron fists and you'll be fined and forced to pay at the risk of losing your home.
Mona Taplin December 07, 2011 at 11:36 PM
I thought it was only against the law on spare the air days. I haven't used mine in years. We got a whopper of a PG& E bill this month so maybe we will start using it again.I know someone in Fremont who paid a hefty fine for ignoring the first warning so they haven't repeated that mistake!
Rich Eisen January 19, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Evergreen continues to fill our air with foul odors. This company is a joke and a habitual offender. Don't beleive anything good you read about them, horrible.
Mona Taplin January 19, 2012 at 10:27 PM
If enough people affected by it complain maybe the city will get after them again.


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