Dublin Business Owner Shares her Passion for Pastries

Local business owner of Passion Pastry and Cakes, Sofia Orozco, tells Patch about her love for baking and some of her favorite items from her extensive pastry menu.

Four years ago, Passion Pastry and Cakes owner Sofia Orozco started her venture into baking after hearing from friends that her food was delicious.

"I would bake more for my friends and family. People told me I should have a business and that's how I started. They said my cakes were pretty and beautiful," Orozco explains. 

Early on, Orozco made cakes and cookies for special occasions like baby showers or weddings. Now she specializes in "marshfellows" (cute little marshmallow figures atop a wooden stick), alfajores (a South American, cookie-like confection), gelatins and wedding cakes. 

Lately she frequents the San Ramon Farmer's Market on Saturdays, giving away samples of cakes, cookies, and of course introducing her marshfellows, a sure hit with the kids.

"Marshfellows are marshmallows but I make figures out of them. I make them for baby showers or different activities. The other items I'm focusing on right now are the Mexican wedding cookies and alfajores. They are very delicious!"

Orozco's business is as personal as it gets. She does most of the baking and when it gets really busy she has friends and family help her out. 

"I do all my designing on my own. The wedding cakes are all by hand and sometime takes days to make," says Sofia, as she pages through an extensive photo album.

The album showcases all her wonderful cakes and designs. She even has floral arrangements and uses her current offerings to make creative pieces.

Since she's had much experience (having three kids of her own) making cakes and other delectable desserts, Orozco finds it a joy to design for people. 

"I would make cakes for my kids' birthday parties and of course everything has to match," Orozco says, chuckling at the thought.

Family is very important to her and it shows in her styles.

Passion Pastry and Cakes is growing too - she's gotten so much business that she is looking forward to hiring additional help soon. She offers customization on the cakes and most items as well as additional perks.

"I always give away cookies or marshfellows on any given order. Why not? I don't mind and it makes people happy. I also offer gluten-free too," commented Orozco.

Orozco's giving attitude is appreciated by her customers and a few have given her recognition beyond what she expected.

"Any time someone tastes the cookies, they say it's the most delicious thing they've had. I want people to know my creations for their homemade taste."

Passion Pastry and Cakes is located in Dublin and is an at-home business. Sofia Orozco is the owner and bakes all her confections. You can place orders online or by phone at 510-915-9444.

Amy McCurdy July 06, 2012 at 02:50 PM
How nice to see an article about Sofia! Her cookies and cakes are amazing. I met her at the San Ramon Farmers Market, and fell in love with her creations. Check out her photo album of cakes - fantastic!
Stephanie Harper July 06, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Amy, I had the chance to see her photo album and it was awesome. She had a ton of cakes, cookies, gelatins, and even an extensive section of coordinating party decor. Those marshfellows are creative and equally adorable.
Marge Watson August 08, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Hooray for Sofia, I have known her since she was a little girl in Guadalajara. Her pastries are great, and so is she! Marge
Lisa August 11, 2012 at 09:29 PM
It is so nice to see Sophia get the recognition she deserves in such a well-written article. I have been savoring her delicious and one-of-a-kind hand-crafted cakes, gelatins, and pastries for eight years now. I am impressed with the level of creativity, craftsmanship, presentation, and dedication she puts into her work. Oh, and everything tastes amazing!!!


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