Another San Leandro Big Box Robbed At Gunpoint

Men in ski masks terrorize Home Depot in the same mall where gunmen struck a Walmart


Two men in ski masks, at least one of them armed with a black handgun, robbed the Home Depot at the Westgate Shopping Center Tuesday night, while dozens of customers were inside the store.

One employee fainted during the holdup and was taken to the hospital.

The incident occurred at 7:10 pm. The shopping center is at 1933 Davis Street, just west of Interstate 880.

The suspects, who demanded money, fled in an unknown direction. How much they stole was undisclosed. 

Police said employees did the right thing by not trying to stop the suspects.

The crime occurred at the same shopping center where armed men staged a daylight robbery at a Walmart before Christmas.

One suspect in that heist has been arrested by Fremont police for allegedly carrying out a similar robbery in their city, and a warrant is out for the second suspect.

In September a gang of five armed men robbed the Safeway on Bancroft Avenue. There have been no arrests in that case.


David January 17, 2013 at 05:32 PM
Ok, let's get this straight. During an armed robbery, you have a perpetrator, a store employee(s), bystanders and sometimes police. Of those, the perpetrator has a gun or other weapon (since you're using "armed" robberies) by definition, the police have guns/tasers etc by definition, and the employees are the ones being robbed. So you're saying that the perpetrator, the employees and police, all of whom are direct actors in the crime/resolution of the crime are the most likely to get shot? That's ground-breaking!
Dana January 18, 2013 at 05:23 PM
I love Leah. Smart, witty, beautiful to look at. And wrong on the gun issue...... Remember, the fox never attacks the yard with a pitbull, but he'll target the henhouse.


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