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Raising Chickens in Newark

Urban chicken movement reaches Newark; residents now allowed four hens per household.

Have you heard? There is an urban chicken movement where people want to be more self sufficient, lower their carbon footprint, and to have a unique pet.  The subject recently came up at the City Council meeting, with people discussing the merits of having a self-sustaining neighborhood.  The new code from the City of Newark will allow up to four hen chickens per residence.  I did a quick Google search and saw websites dedicated towards teaching people how to raise their own chickens.  If you want to learn for yourself, stop by the library on July 10th from 7-8pm.  As for myself, I have never raised chickens; I think my dog would chase them everywhere! 

On Tuesday, July 10th from 7-8pm the Newark Library will have a program called “Backyard Chicken Basics” which is presented by Poultry Project Members of the East Hills 4-H Club and the Bayside 4-H Club.  Come join us to learn how to raise your own chickens and learn more about the basic equipments needs, costs, care, recommended breeds, benefits, rules and regulations plus resources for materials and information!

At the May 24th and June 14th City Council meetings the City Council discussed and approved an amendment to the Newark Municipal Code (6.32.010A2 and 6.32.010A3) regarding raising chickens at your residence.  The new code allows up to four hen chickens as household pets without having to apply for an Animal Fancier’s Permit. For more detailed information please check with the City of Newark. 


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Fatso June 18, 2012 at 07:13 PM
My neighbor has chickens. I hear an occasional clucking, but that's fine.
Christen June 18, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Chickens are pretty quiet, unless they've just laid an egg and they'll cackle for a little bit and then stop (usually it's a chain reaction with all of the hens going). We have chickens, and I've asked our neighbors if they're too loud, and they have both said they have never heard them and didn't realize we have them. They like the eggs though!
Nadja Adolf June 21, 2012 at 07:35 AM
Chickens are fun pets; each one has its own character. Two of the best backyard breeds are Plymouth Rocks (any color will do; but Barred Rocks tend to be better layers) and Black Star hybrids, which aren't really a breed, but are a cross between a Rhode Island Red, Production Red, or New Hampshire rooster and a Barred Rock hen. Black Stars are very hardy, and very good layers of brown eggs. One of our hens will jump up on the chicken yard fence and demand attention; she is a Black Star and has hints of the feistier Rhode Island Red temperament. The Barred Rock will actually hold conversations with us, making social noises and making her feelings known when we are out with her.
Elisabeth Huffmaster September 17, 2013 at 09:00 PM
Our back neighbors actually say our chickens make them feel they are more out in the country and find their clucking relaxing. They also enjoy when we have extra eggs to give out. Do you know the Costco on Automall sells 40 pounds of organic layer feed crumbles (specially formulated feed for laying chickens which helps keep them from eating their own eggs for lost nutrients) for only $20? Also Close Feed and Supply on Industrial Ave. in Hayward is a good place to buy chicks and feed, both the cheaper regular feed and the almost doubly expensive organic feed. Don't forget to get some ground oyster shell to mix into food help strengthen shells. Scratch, a blend of grains, is also a good idea. My chickens love the black oil sunflower seeds so much that I also put those out separately so they don't go digging through the scratch just to pull them out. Enjoy your eggs and enriched backyard soil!


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