Hip-Hop Chess Federation to Host “Step Up Revolution” Dance Battle

The tri-city based organization will partner with creators of the blockbuster film series for Your Own Step, to be held July 22 in San Jose.

Fremont-based is partnering with the creators of upcoming summer dance film “Step Up Revolution” for what they say will be “one of the biggest dance battles.”

To be held Sunday, July 22 at the Alum Rock Youth Center in San Jose, Your Own Step will allow participants to compete for a chance at cash prizes and a trophy provided by the creators of the film. The film, which will be released in theaters on July 27, is the latest in the “Step Up” dance series.

“Our organization believes that all elements of Hip-Hop (DJ’ing, rapping, graffiti and dance) are nonviolent forms of social empowerment,” said HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko in a press release. “'Step Up Revolution' shows how young people can take their artistic passion and better their communities.”

“The California dance community is overflowing with talent and we expect a huge turnout,” he added.

The HHCF in conjunction with RAW Talents empowers Bay Area youth and teaches life skills through the merging of hip-hop, chess and performing arts. Both organizations operate out of a shared space at 34782 Centralmont Pl. in Fremont and are currently offering weeklong summer programs.

“Every minute young people are with the HHCF is another minute we keep these wonderful kids off the streets,” Banjoko said.

Banjoko said San Jose was selected for its large club and dance scene.

“Its going to be powerful,” he said of the event.

The HHCF is calling all dancers with hip-hop, breakdancing, krumping, stepping, turfing and jerking dance skills to participate in the event.

Your Own Step is open to all ages, and registration is required.

For more information, visit http://idcmag.com/stepup_comp.html.

James Bennett November 07, 2012 at 03:52 AM
I totally agree that organizing such competitions would benefit the teenagers around the area. The main advantage is definitely to keep them off the streets and when you do, you keep them off the potentially bad influences that are lurking around in the public area too. Such competitions not only keep those teenagers occupied with meaningful activities such as polishing their personal abilities and skills but also provide them with a platform to get to know more people from their age group and build up their interests and skillset. Hence, instead of loitering around the streets aimlessly and be a public nuisance to others, those teenagers get to contribute to an activity that they enjoy and have a passion for. - http://www.chesssets.co.uk


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