Republic Services Collecting Holiday Trees

Newark residents can recycle unwanted tannenbaums.

Discarded Christmas Trees line the streets in January 2014. Photo credit: Vanessa Castañeda
Discarded Christmas Trees line the streets in January 2014. Photo credit: Vanessa Castañeda

Republic Services is offering free holiday tree recycling to Newark residents, with a few caveats.  

The tree must be cut into pieces that are small enough to fit in the green organics bin. Republic Services customers can leave the tree parts next to the regular trash on the curb between January 13-24, 2014. Tree stands and ornaments must be removed. Trees with tinsel will not be collected.

Don’t have a chainsaw?  You can take the tree to the office in Fremont, which is located at 42600 Boyce Road, between January 13 and 24. The tree recycling service is free of charge. Bring proof of Newark residency to avoid a charge.

Guns January 03, 2014 at 01:43 PM
What kind of a "service" is that?! The old company would collect the trees left on the curb for a couple of weeks after Christmas; THAT was a service. They also collected batteries, now we're supposed to take them to their facility?! Bad move Newark, bad move. Should have stayed with the previous company, they did a good job and didn't toss your cans around if you didn't put them out with two feet in between each as asked by one of the drivers. We should have the opportunity to select our own service provider.
Billy Mcfuggin January 03, 2014 at 08:49 PM
I remember back when they were called Christmas trees, boy those were the days huh... P.S This was a bad move going to Republic.


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