Furry Friend of the Week: Simon

Name: Simon

Breed: Chihuahua-Russel

Owner: The Dang Family

Favorite activity: Running up and down the stairs and sleeping

Favorite toy: Stuffed carrot

Favorite treat: Raw Carrot or frozen carrots

Where does he sleep? Laundry room

Unique characteristic: Scared

Funny story: He LOVES his stuffed animals and is rather possessive of them. If one is left out of reach – say on top of a counter – he will bark, hop and whimper for it to be returned to him. They are constantly in need of repair from him chewing and pulling the stuffing out of them. There is a cabinet full of wounded stuffed animals. One day I finally sat down to patch them all up and his little tail was wagging so happily to see the return of old playmates. He kept barking and growling for them to be returned.  As I patched them up one by one, he would rescue them from me and return to demand for the other ones.  After the last one, I discovered that he had gathered them all into his bed and was cuddling up with them like long-lost friends, like a hero rescuing his friends in distress!

Do you have a dog, cat, bird or other furry friend you'd like Newark Patch to feature? Send an email with the answers to the questions above and a photo of your pet to nika.megino@patch.com


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