Furry Friend of the Week: Press

Name: Press, short for Preston

Breed: Border Collie Mix

Owner: Tony Choe

Favorite activities: Lounging out on the front leather sofa, playing fetch, taking walks around the neighborhood, barking at random sounds since he's blind, sleeping underneath beds.

Favorite toys: Old Navy rubber bone, squeaky toys, plastic bottles and golf balls

Favorite treats: Pig ears, Beggin’ strips and taco truck meat mixed with rice and watermelon.

Where does he sleep? Underneath beds, on the top of couch cushions and sometimes his designated bed located in the living room.

Unique characteristics: He is roughly 14 years old and we got him at 3 years of age and he still acts like a puppy. Since he is blind, if you yell at him, he will bark or eat his food. He’s very grumpy when he is comfy and doesn't want to move (like an old man). He likes to attack the bottom of pants legs when he plays.

Funny story: Even though my dog is blind, my dad sometimes lets him roam around the neighborhood at night, and he always finds his way back because of his great sense of location and smell. One time my dad forgot to leave the front door open and three hours later I went out to call him, and he was lying down near our backyard door.

Do you have a dog, cat, bird or other animal friend you'd like Newark Patch to feature? Send an email with the answers to the questions above and a photo of your pet to nika.megino@patch.com.


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