Schilling Flea Market, going on NOW

Come on down to 36901 Spruce St, corner of Thornton. Help! our 6th grade Science Camp needs to be paid for. Come enjoy games, HOT DOGS. If unable to help today please send donations to the Schilling School.
James Nelson June 01, 2014 at 02:36 PM
The best part about 6th grade at Schilling was the Science Camp Trip! They still travel up to Sierra Outdoor School? When my class went, it was Snowing, my Dorm Counselor was this Senior from NMHS who was an uber Pothead. Him and the other NMHS Counselors would sneak out about 10:30pm as Lights out were 9Ish, and they'd go party until about 3AM drinking booze and smoking pot. LOL. This was when we actually saluted the flag and sang pledge of allegiance every damn morning at 6AM in the freezing cold. I wasn't one for the group activities so I usually sneaked away to do my own thing during the day / night. Another big thing to do was go and spy on the girls in the shower, girls showered about 7:30 PM, Daytime was no go as adults were everywhere, there was this bench outside of the shower facility where you could stand on and peek thru the windows at the top. Every night there would be a line of guys all the way down the hill LMAO!!! Two kids from another school (Modesto I think) actually got caught fooling around (boy and girl) in the woods during one of the outings, their parents had to travel all the way to the camp and take them home. Any type of sexual activity was automatic grounds for being sent home without refund. Didn't stop most from doing it anyway, the dude I was bunked with was from Modesto and he had an old school Minolta 35mm Film Camera that he used to take pictures of the girls in certain private moments, dude was a real pervert. There was also this creepy old dude, who used to enter the boys showers and whistle calling us "Ladies" LOL Ahhh Memories.


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