Reality Test on Business Subsidies

Residents and the council seem to favor a thirty million dollar sales tax subsidy for Rouse Properties which cannot guarantee attracting high dollar shoppers; surely the Council and residents would favor a modest half million dollar sales tax subsidy for my proposed business which guarantees high income shopper traffic.

I want to open an Urban Farm Supply, where I would sell $3,000 chicken coops, fifty dollar bags of organic poultry and rabbit feed, $1,000 architectural raised bed kits, organic vegetable starts, organic fruit trees, and exotic baby ducks and chickens at prices up to $5,000 for a pair of Ayam Cemani chicks down to a modest $50 a chick for a Cream Legbar or an American Blue Gosling.

Since this would be a far higher end business than any in the Pleasanton area, it has guaranteed high income traffic.

How about it, Sucy and Mr. Nagy?

Nadja Adolf June 02, 2014 at 01:59 AM
I haven't seen the Winnie-Eggo; the only chicken RV I know about is the Chicken stagecoach which is designed to be moved around the yard with the chickens still in it. B^) BTW, if you haven't had any experience with biddies and you want some - start with Barred Rocks. A Barred Rock chick can be had for less than ten dollars. You want a minimum of three; and no roosters are permitted in Newark - and the maximum number of biddies you may have is four. A few months ago I went to a house near Orinda owned by a woman who was selling expensive chicks and had purchased some very high dollar chicken shelters and toys. It seems like a market that is underserved since people are having to go out of state or use the Internet to obtain the things they want for their biddies.
Nadja Adolf June 02, 2014 at 02:04 AM
The place to start with chickens if you aren't the sort of person who feels comfortable spending $50 for a pet and then rehoming it, is to begin with one of the calmer, friendlier, hardier, less exotic and less expensive breeds. In other words Orpingtons, Rocks, and Black Star hybrids. Cochin and Brahma indoor bantams. For a modest fee I will be happy to consult and help you set up your biddy situation; I will also offer a class for those interested in backyard biddies. Since the local organic farms seem to charge as much as $300 for such a class without a home visit and setup help, I'll cheerfully include an hour long Newark home visit with setup assistance and only charge $150 for the course.
Nadja Adolf June 02, 2014 at 05:05 AM
It started as tongue and cheek, but enough chicken fanciers who know me and have seen this have sent supportive email, that I'm actually thinking of setting up a business plan, going to the City Council for a subsidy (unlike Rouse Properties executives, I actually live here) and use the subsidy to help get a small business loan. The prices I quoted are very real. Look at the Greenfire Farms website; they are one of a mere two or three sources of Ayam Cemani in North America. At a price of $4995, they can't keep up with the for cockerel pullet pairs of chicks. Then look at some of the other websites that sell Lavender Orpingtons, Cream Legbars, Icelandic Hens, Seramas, Orloffs, Showgirls, etc. I could make arrangements to order a couple of thousand dollars of chicks, advertise on the local chicken lists and on bulletin boards at health food stores and anywhere they sell organic feed and probably sell each batch of 20-40 chicks out in three or four days. More realistically, I might start with show grade birds from more common, familiar breeds, and raise them to point of lay. Many people don't have the time and attention to pay to young chicks, but are happy to receive socialized point of lay pullets.
James Nelson June 02, 2014 at 05:44 AM
I know nothing about Chickens except the stories a neighbor told me about in my old neighborhood, how he loved doing inappropriate things with them which is why they made so much noise at night. Perhaps he was pulling my leg, but it sorta made sense as he was That kind of guy, hell he ended up beating his girlfriend to death so sexing up the animals isn't that much of a stretch.
Nadja Adolf June 15, 2014 at 02:27 AM
How could anyone do that to poor Biddy? It would kill her. What a disgusting worthless piece of human trash.


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