Pro Death Penalty Rally

I intend to organize a pro-death penalty rally as soon as there  is sufficient information on when the trial of Cindy Burleigh will be held.

Cindy Burleigh beat her own mother to death in a premeditated sledgehammer attack because she was angry that the woman had called the police to report Cindy and Cindy's son repeated commission of illegal acts on her mother's property. Cindy perceived her mother's unwillingness to tolerate further drug manufacturing, distributing, or consumption on her property as "bullying" and decided to inflict the classic penalty used by the lowest, most disgusting, criminals - attacking and murdering a witness.

According to KPIX Channel 5,  Cindy's son was conducting a pot grow in the Newark resident's backyard and the Newark resident had finally had enough and called police.

Cindy's sledgehammer attack on a witness - snitches get stitches - cannot go without the extreme punishment. When witnesses are murdered and intimidated, areas become like Richmond or Oakland where homicides committed in broad daylight in front of large groups of people apparently have no witnesses, as the onlookers are terrified of the criminals. We must make it clear that this is not accepted in Newark, and we must push for the maximum penalty prescribed by law in such cases - the death penalty.

Nadja Adolf March 18, 2014 at 09:50 PM
Yes, Edith. Obviously the media lied about Cindy Burleigh lurking overnight in order to beat her mother's head in with a sledgehammer. And her mother deserved it for being a snitch, right? With all due respect, Edith, when someone clearly states that they laid in wait to kill their own mother with a sledgehammer that has their fingerprints all over it, and there is a police report stating that police were called out to the house because of illegal activity, I think it is pretty clear that Cindy murdered her mother for calling the cops on her and her son's illegal activities. I believe in switches for those who stitches to snitches. You may have a different idea; but then again, when my family refers to institutions of higher education, we are referring to colleges and universities, not jails and prisons.
Nadja Adolf March 18, 2014 at 09:52 PM
This "Nadja person" knows what she does because she reads the Nixie police reports, the papers, and the internet news - why, she even watches the TV news and listens to the radio news from time to time. Perhaps you might benefit by paying attention to what is going on around you, rather than insisting that other people - who bother to be informed - must somehow be "twisting facts" when the facts don't fit your personal biases.
Nadja Adolf March 18, 2014 at 09:55 PM
Edith, isn't it about the right time for you to tell us how Cindy and her son were "good people" and were "turning their lives around?"
reggieqh1 March 18, 2014 at 10:52 PM
Edith no need to feel sad for me and you really have no idea what I believe or not? We have to go on what we are hearing unless we hear otherwise. Please feel free to advise me of any facts you have to contradict the news reports I am open to reading them. She will have her day in court and all of it will come out then. In all honesty I do hope a mother wasn't brutally murdered by her own daughter... It's a vile, vile thing.


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