Over 500 Alameda County residents eliminate energy waste at home – Newark residents encouraged to participate

Launched in September 2013, Home Energy Analyzer is helping Alameda County residents learn how their home is using energy by suggesting simple changes that will help them save money on their energy bills and create a more comfortable home. In under five months, more than 500 Alameda County residents have signed up for Home Energy Analyzer – representing more than $11,000 in savings for residents, in addition to saving more than 25 tons of CO2.

To date, the cities of Dublin, Fremont and Oakland lead all Alameda County Home Energy Analyzer sign-ups with 122, 87 and 83 sign-ups, respectively. Albany and Hayward round out the top five participating cities with 68 and 47 sign-ups, respectively. 

Currently, Newark only has one signup, and residents are encouraged to make use of this free online tool. 

Home Energy Analyzer uses PG&E smart meter data to evaluate energy usage and provides real-time information accessible from any computer or mobile device. By pinpointing where energy is being used – and wasted – residents can determine the right energy-saving home improvements to suit their needs. 

The Home Energy Analyzer provides customized energy saving recommendations including conservation behaviors and do-it-yourself improvements. Homeowners looking to complete more comprehensive energy-efficient home improvements may be eligible for rebates up to $4,500 through Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade. 

Newark Residents: Start saving energy today with the Home Energy Analyzer

So, if you’re wondering why your energy bills are so high or if you want to eliminate energy wasters in your home, get a free personalized energy diagnosis with Home Energy Analyzer at www.homeenergyanalyzer.org


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