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Autumn Johnson (Editor) April 11, 2014 at 09:00 AM
We are getting a new platform soon and things will be slowly updated. For now, I am the only editor Read Morefor 16 sites so I have to catch these things as readers bring them to me. Thanks for letting me know.
Nadja Adolf April 13, 2014 at 02:39 AM
The Newark school system seems to be a major factor in people with children moving house across the Read Morehighway. B^( Reading the reviews of the school system on various sites is revealing; the positive reviews seem to come from people who are happy that school staff helped them apply for benefits and social programs that they could receive. Positive reviews seem to focus on how the district helped them get more TANSFA or free breakfast and not one word about academics.
Jennifer Snyder April 13, 2014 at 03:27 PM
Those types of services provide the basic necessities that some in our district need. Once theRead Morechil d has this type of support they are more likely to flourish. Once one flourishes the desire to review the system that made you flourish diminishes because everything is ok and you can go about worrying about something else. I appreciate that I usually "review" systems that are broken and forget to review systems that are not. My son is getting straight As in advanced classes I have not talked to any of his teachers in years, nor do I ever need to discuss homework with him. Booster Club=broken, school board= broken, most teachers and academics in Newark = NOT BROKEN! In fact, I think many of the teachers and coaches my daughter had were excellent and now I feel the same about my son's teachers. Fix what's broken and I guess appreciate that which is not broken will go ignored?
Mona Taplin April 14, 2014 at 02:38 PM
I think it's very obvious that we tend to make all criticisms loud and clear,and rarely take theRead Moretim e to compliment everything that's going right. It's not uncommon to grade on attendance. It's been done ever since I went to school. You have to attend classes a certain number of days in order to earn all the credits. If that system needs improving, you need to take action before your child misses too many classes,- not after. I remember a short time ago how the Newark School District was the most improved district. That was a great accomplishment and I applaud our Superintendent, school board, principals, teachers and parents for bringing those results in. It took a lot of work to get that done.
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